New loan management platform optimises P2P transactions 


AMP Credit Technologies (AMP) is a provider of short term, unsecured loans for micro, small and medium size enterprises (MSMEs). AMP’s loan portfolios are borderless and currency agnostic. Founded in 2009, AMP has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines and has recently expanded into the UK.

Web platform management and enhancement

AMP required a long term, cost-effective solution, to manage and further enhance their web platform.

In order to bring the new loan platform to market quickly, AMP urgently needed a multiple disciplinary team with expert skills in data warehousing, Salesforce and Kofax.

AMP also required a long term, cost-effective solution, to manage and further enhance their web platform.

Rapid delivery of loan management platform

Xoomworks Technology provided flexible and dedicated team resourcing to complete rapid delivery of a loan management platform in a three-month timeframe. AMP’s proprietary platform developed with Xoomworks Technology is primarily aimed at delivering fast, straightforward access to capital for the small business owner. The platform underpins all stages of loan management from application to repayment, including qualification and verification (through risk assessment and cash flow verification), approval and completion. AMP’s new loan management platform in numbers:

  • 3 weeks – flexible expert team in place ready to start development
  • 3 months – the first iteration of new loan management system delivered by Xoomworks Technology
  • 20-30% reduction in total project costs – transitioning to Xoomworks Technology’s dedicated team model resulted in substantial immediate savings compared to using similar UK-based teams

Xoomworks Technology delivered a two-stage solution for the client. Initially, Xoomworks Technology ramped up expert skills using flexible resourcing to meet the project’s tight deadlines. The second phase was to build a dedicated, long-term team for cost-effective evolution and maintenance of the platform. Xoomworks Technology, together with AMP’s internal teams, undertook full-stack development of a platform founded on Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) technology using the Microsoft BI stack (SSIS, SSAS and SSRS), providing integration with:

  • Salesforce for effective CRM
  • Kofax for information capture and process management
  • SharePoint for content and document management
  • Internal legacy database systems

The Xoomworks One Team Approach™ has been very effective for us. I truly felt these were resources from our own team.


Alessio Marinelli

CTO, AMP Credit Technologies

The results

The new platform has resulted in faster B2B decision-making for AMP and its customers and is both more efficient and secure.

Flexible resourcing meant that the go-live deadline for the initial delivery of the data warehouse was met within the three-month timeframe. Xoomworks Technology provided expert skills and an ability to deliver working software in testable increments.

20-30% reduction in total project costs with Xoomworks Technology’s dedicated team, based in Sofia, Bulgaria and Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Since both Romania and Bulgaria have cultural similarities with the UK and have a time difference of just two hours, there were no team integration issues, and the quality of software delivered was of a high standard.

faster b2b decision making

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