Odds-on winner for online betting leader


Betfair wanted to maintain its success by establishing good relations with communities in other countries and tapping into the diverse pools of skill available worldwide.

The biggest online betting community

Betfair had grown extremely fast since its launch in 2000 to become the world’s biggest online betting community offering sports exchange betting, poker, casino and games.

The UK-based company had increased the products on offer to users. Also, the number of people developing and maintaining its products had grown. Betfair wanted to maintain its success by establishing good relations with communities in other countries and tapping into the diverse pools of skill available worldwide.


We’ve had a good, positive two-way relationship with Xoomworks. They have demonstrated the flexibility and teamwork that have helped keep Betfair in pole position in the international online betting and gaming industry. The Xoomworks team have worked very closely with us, helping to build the expertise of the teams and establish the culture we wanted in an open and collaborative way.


Peter Thomas

Head of Product Delivery, Betfair

A build-operate-transfer model

Betfair found the outsourcing model offered by Xoomworks Technology attractive and worked with them to develop a nearshore software development base in Romania, an EU country with a highly educated IT workforce. This offered Betfair a direct relationship with its own dedicated teams as they were being established in Romania, together with a longer-term option of taking direct control of the resources. Betfair was convinced that Romania was an ideal offshore location with advanced software developers who spoke English and were accustomed to European business culture.

Betfair had already successfully carried out several projects with Xoomworks Technology and knew it had a first-class reputation as a reliable partner with excellent industry knowledge, technological expertise and sound understanding of business dynamics. Furthermore, unlike most outsourcing companies, Xoomworks Technology offered a OneTeam Approach and agile development methods which meant it would encourage its engineers in Romania to work with their counterparts at Betfair in the UK in an open, two-way relationship aimed at achieving shared objectives.

Xoomworks Technology began setting up Betfair’s team in Romania and as its members became familiar with the complexities of the gaming industry, they were quickly able to contribute to UK-based projects. In its first major project, the Romanian team developed Betfair’s successful sportsbook product for the Italian market.

Further projects included transferring the development of Betfair’s gaming and casino operation – one of its main income streams – from London to Romania. Xoomworks Technology also supported the transfer of Betfair’s mobile technology and its registrations and payments development to Romania.

transferring the development of Betfair's gaming and casino operation
working closely with Betfair's people

The results

Within two years Xoomworks Technology had built the off-shore team in Romania to a total of more than 70 specialist IT engineers, complementing and working closely with Betfair’s people in the UK and elsewhere.

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