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Summer Work Experience 2012

by | March 24, 2012


Samuel Ilelaboye spent six weeks during Summer 2012 helping us with a diverse bunch of techie projects and we loved every minute with him on board. Samuel kindly sent us this feedback which we hope will give you a feel for Samuel and what his experiences at Xoomworks were like: – See more at:

Intro about me

There are two types of people, “those who count the days of the year” and “those who make the days count for the year”. Whilst at Xoomworks I can honestly say my time had been well spent, and that each day had counted into making my experience at Xoomworks a true delight. Allow me to display how and why:


At my time at Xoomworks I had been very fortunate. Having only just left school a year ago I had been forced to adapt to a very lucrative competitive market. I had been privileged to work with (not for) the likes of massive coperations such as Zurich, Sky and Sony and working with such companies had forced me to learn the fundamental skill to produce the expected result with minimum stress on my team.

Meanwhile, as well as doing work that Xoomworks had instructed me to do, what made the job really enjoyable was the fact that I could also select my own personal project, and venture into producing remarkable outcomes. One of my favourite ventures was working with Michael Bestvina who is the manager of the IOS Development team. It wasn’t just my favourite because I could say to anyone “I make apps”, even though that is very awesome line and has weight almost anywhere, but it was more of the fact that because I am 19 and having learnt some code prior to, learning how to create apps, & code was a real thrill as the skill has allowed me to solve so many mundane task and improve my quality of life.

Other really cool projects that I had, was creating a poster about the infrastructure of Xoomworks and what they do as well as creating a video montage and this very blog you are now reading. All of these projects have in some way or another help to display the jam packed fun and excitement I had have, having only been there for just under a month.


My advice to others who are considering working here

Within this line of work socialising is continuously encouraged and adored, whether it is the continuous engagement through Skype and their laughable emoticon or the constructive uses of Gmail, twitter and Microsoft-outlook for quick data sharing  or even generating interesting and funny yammer post (a business version of Facebook) that leaves many  laughing or puzzled . I guess the very fascinating thing about this particular company is, whilst being surrounded by many highly clever professional either exceptional in sales, programing,  data analysis or consulting,  somehow these wonderful nerdy people are always a fascinating lively bunch  to be around, and are more than capable of bringing any environment to life.

Thank you Xoomworks, I have more than enjoyed my wonderful experience.

What do I do if I would like to be considered for Work Experience at Xoomworks:

Please send your CV and/or details to [email protected]