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Midtown Business Club: London’s fastest-growing business networking group

by | February 8, 2014

What is the ‘Midtown Business Club’?

Launched in 2007 by companies based in the Farringdon London area, the Club’s membership includes businesses, investors and friends, all committed to ensuring that “Midtown” continues to grow as a world class business location.  It is now, London’s fastest growing business networking group.  MBC is a not-for-profit organisation focused on:

  • Providing new business opportunities for Midtown businesses.
  • Promoting Midtown as a business location.
  • Representing Midtown businesses.

The Club invites all businesses with an active interest in the area to get involved.

Why does Xoomworks support the MBC?

In a nutshell we love Farringdon and we want to explore all opportunities to engage with like minded companies and discover what is on our doorstep. This in turn allows us to be informed of great up and coming events such as Clerkenwell Design Week ( and also to get involved in local charity and support networks.


What was the Last MBC Event attended?

Date: Tuesday 28th February 2012, 0800-1000
Venue/Host: Citadines Prestige, Holborn-Covent Garden, WC1V 6LF
MBC Elevator: Meet, Network and Present to Members

Vai Venugopalan gives us an update on the event from ‘Launch MBC Elevator’ event below:

“The PechaKucha event was the first of its kind and will be a trendsetter for similar events in future at the Midtown Business Club. It was a privilege to not just attend the event but to partake in it and I found that the presentations portrayed the people behind the businesses they were representing. It was a fun way to start the day”

Joshim Ahmed gives us an update on the event from Royal Opera House Breakfast below:

“The event was well attended, enough to fill the large function room.  This was my first networking event for Xoomworks and I enjoyed meeting the other guests.  Following a brief presentation we were taken on a tour of the building, and finding out about the Royal Opera House has encouraged me to go and watch an opera production for the first time.

While most people appeared to already know each other, they were still approachable and willing to introduce themselves.  Interesting facts about the Roya Opera House – the building has burned down and been rebuilt three times in its history, and the royal box has a poor view of the stage; its positioning gives the audience a better view of its occupants”


Picture (above) shows Xoomworks Senior Analyst Joshim Ahmed at the Royal Opera House.

Jayme Bruce gives us an update on the event from ‘Launch of Young Professionals Network’ end of 2011

Jayme Bruce (Junior Technical Analyst, part of the Managed Services Team) gives an update on the event (below):

“The YPN is a branch of the MBC which aims on bringing together younger members of the MBC to start networking from early on in their careers and make vital connections as early as possible.

I learnt effective networking is more difficult than it sounds as introducing yourself to a group of people you do not know is a challenge.  Top networking tips from the event – Being confident and projecting open, friendly body language is vital to networking well.”

Andrew Hart gives us an update on the event from ‘Summer Skittles’ earlier in 2011

“The event provided an opportunity to network in a social setting.  There were certainly some stylish bowling moves on display.  Highlight of the event included being able to engage with a wide selection of business people from diverse industries (banking, property development, office services).  It was great finding out that people really like our company name.”


Picture (above) shows Xoomworks Consultant Andrew Hart with his team out at Bloomsbury Bowling.

Upcoming Event

Tuesday 27th March 2012, 1830 – 2100 HRS
YPN Developing Networking Skills
Nabarro Locan House
High Holbon
London WC1X 8RW

For more details on MBC events and how to get involved contact [email protected]