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HemiHelp Fun-Runs 2013

by | August 29, 2013

How do people within our community show that it’s more than ‘just a job’?

Our Xoomworks community has a long and passionate history of charitable engagement with various large and importantly to us local charities. It is our intention to build long-term sustainable relationships with these organisations so that we are able to offer so much more than the traditional fundraising efforts. Time, support and mentoring are just a few ways in which our community hope that we have been able to begin to make a difference to the community and environment around us.

Saying that…. through an amazing network of friends and family we have still been fortunate enough to raise tens of thousands of pounds in the process. Our ‘leadership team’ has been especially active in supporting a parent led charity ‘HemiHelp’. There is a heart-warming write up about the great work that they do and its relevance to us on one of our fundraising websites:


Xoomworks takes massive pleasure in supporting many different projects. Over the past few years we have worked closely with an inner-London primary school helping them with re-energising events such as a redesign of their gardens (plenty of digging involved). With the energy and creative spirit from the Xoomworks Community we’ve found that these are much more engaging ways to raise awareness and money for our charities and friends.