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Closing the digital divide: helping children learn at home during Covid-19

by | February 8, 2021

Xoomworks was part of a “Home School” Project – a partnership with the Educalise Association, Romania

A recent report by Microsoft has put the spotlight on the severity of the ‘digital divide’ in education. A succession of lockdowns and shut schools have only deepened the inequalities in school-age children between those who have access to digital devices for online learning and those who do not.

Like many countries in the world right now, Romania is facing an education crisis. Children in low-income families the IT equipment, and digital skills that will ensure they are able to learn online. Despite government funding for laptops, thousands of children do not have access to digital devices and cannot continue their studies. Many families are struggling to make ends meet and cannot afford to buy equipment.

Xoomworks believes that education is the foundation of our society. For several years have supported a range of educational charities. This year we took part in the ‘Home School’ initiative organised by the NGO Educalise in Cluj-Napoca, providing laptops and tablets to those children at risk of falling behind at school.

Xoomworks team members, ‘Xoomies’ Sergiu Pop and Tudor Moldovan-Maniu set up 25 laptops for children aged 7-14 in families with difficult financial or social backgrounds, mostly from rural areas around Cluj and Brasov.

The laptops will transform the lives of these children, and their siblings, enabling them to continue their studies and develop their skills.

This collaboration between Xoomworks and Educalise helps reinforce the message from their teachers that their hard work and learning will be rewarded.