New year, new faces and new experiences – Thoughts from out latest intern

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New year, new faces and new experiences – Thoughts from out latest intern

David Bone


IMG_0445 600pxWe were very happy to welcome Ben Nutkins into the office this January, where he spent two weeks immersed in the world of Xoomworks as an intern.

Here are his reflections on the time he spent with us:

My two weeks work experience at Xoomworks has been fantastic!

On the first day Jamie (MD Xoomworks Consulting) introduced me to everyone in the office and briefed me on the variety of work that I would be exposed to during my time at Xoomworks.

I was launched straight into a project that Xoomworks and a partner of theirs (Hemihelp) were planning to showcase later in the year, becoming the project lead for the duration of my time at Xoomworks. I found it daunting at first and although challenging, it quickly became very enjoyable and rewarding at the same time. It allowed me to gain experience presenting projects within meetings, holding calls with clients and potential clients and allowed me to further my understanding of Microsoft Office and Google Apps.

Simultaneously I was also tasked with a research project into the US Consultancy Market. This allowed me to develop my research skills, as I picked out specific parts which were essential to the Xoomworks Management team. I enhanced my working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, whilst also learning how to present essential data within Excel in a way that the Management team could use whilst making strategic business decisions.

I found Xoomworks a great place to work as an intern as it allowed me to get to grips with the working world and a business environment. Xoomworks is a place that showcases enthusiastic, focused and determined employees, welcoming and encouraging new ideas from everyone – including interns.  Whether you’re looking for your first job, an internship or work experience, Xoomworks is a nurturing and inspiring place to start your career.

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