Razvan & Crew hit IM World in Bucharest 2015

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Razvan & Crew hit IM World in Bucharest 2015

David Bone

Here are Razvan’s “Highlights of IM world 2015”: http://www.imworld.ro/  IM World Bucharest 2015

During the somewhat capricious month of October three of Xoomwork’s awesome QAs (Alina David, Cosmin Sandulescu and Razvan Vuscan) have attended this year’s Internet and Mobile World Conference in Bucharest.

Right from the moment we walked in we realized that it was going to be a memorable experience: the venue, Romexpo was packed to the brim with all kinds of company stands, each showing off their shiny new gadgets. From the latest virtual reality tech, to drones, smart watches, laptops, TVs and even smart houses, the place just had it all. There was even a dancing robot!

In terms of sessions, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting awesome speakers, both local and international, with some familiar faces in between. The first session we attended, called “Modernizing the browser” was held by Alex Lakatos, a Mozilla Rep, and old acquaintance of ours. He talked about just how fast things are changing for browser, and how many things that are now possible were just a sweet dream a few years ago.

Next up was a session on the security paradigm provided by the reps at Bitdefender. The gave us some insight into how they collect their reports, how they monitor attacks, and which type of attack is the most frequent or destructive.

After a short break during which we did a bit of networking and tested some gadgets, we went to the Main Stage for some innovation talks. The first one was held by the Yandex app family. An innovative Russian company, it built its apps as a response to two of the more and more pressing needs of the Russian people: lack of time and long queues. Using your mobile phone or internet connection you can pay for fuel, fines, parking, phone services, transfer money, or even send invoices to someone. It just goes to show how well things can be simplified in our day and age.

Cosmin Sci-fi

Another highlight of the conference was the next level of test automation: replacing people with machines capable of replicating touch. Tools like Appium or Selenium can be integrated with image recognition and coordination software test applications on mobile devices such as tablets or phones. While still a proof of concept, results looked very promising, especially for the mobile testing area where a multitude of devices are required to be tested on, and there’s usually only one tester to go through all of them. Boon or threat to manual testing? Only time will tell.

Next, we heard talk about a new wave of back-end programming languages capable of making pages faster, measuring page load speeds, creating all sorts of graphs. Front and center was PHP with its wide array of support tools.

A nice surprise was to learn how Yammer came to be, and what challenges it had to overcome in order to scale it up to the platform it is today. Initially a monolithic app, it was later shifted to a service oriented architecture. Its basically a mix of Ruby and Java at the moment, optimized for effective logging and cutting down downtime.


the “Data.Collaboration.Trust” session was one of the most pleasant sessions that we’ve ever attended. We learned what Data, Collaboration and Trust mean to Tobiasz Janusz Koprowski, and that smoking and coffee breaks are still the best moments to discuss and make decisions due to their barrier-less, informal setting. We also learned that Cluj-Napoca is the best hub for start-ups in Romania at the moment!
The final sessions were all about connecting things at scale. We learned about how everything is connected through the internet of things and about industry 4.0, and how industry is made smart with the use of more and more sensors capable of picking up and transferring information and making smart decisions based on it.

All in all, it was a memorable experience, one that we highly recommend to anyone who is passionate about gadgets, information technology or innovation.



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