Wonderful finale to the Summer Work Experience Season 2015

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Wonderful finale to the Summer Work Experience Season 2015

David Bone

It has been a fabulous summer of work experiences here in Xoomworks London. To finish off we had Alexandra Madden with us and some amazing summer sunshine.

Here are some of Alex’s thoughts on her time with us:

When I first asked Steve Jackson, Co-Founder & Group COO if I could do some work experience I must admit that I didn’t even know what the company did, in fact I didn’t even know how Xoomworks was spelt! Luckily I had time to brush up and check out their website before I came and since then, during my work experience I seemed to have learnt a great deal more than I could have hoped.
I was told by my mother beforehand that many people who did work experience made teas and coffees all week or stuffed envelopes for a week so I was delighted when I was set with a research task to provide information as to whether Xoomworks should open a delivery centre in Skopje, Macedonia. Now I didn’t know this country even existed let alone be able to do any sort of research on it but I was proved wrong, I now know precise details of it’s population size, economy and political stability. It was a really interesting task as I was able to apply my GCSE geography knowledge to real life useful information for people. But not only that I have learnt many things about London such as the art of commuting – you can’t afford to be polite! and have discovered the weird and wonderful stalls around the area of the office itself – who would have realised that people actually drank spinach juice (Shirley, the office manager’s favourite)!
It was lovely to meet lots of new people and work along side them in an office environment – also a new experience for me. Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay here and would highly recommend it to anyone who is up for a challenge!

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