Harry Thorneycroft picks up the Work Experience baton in Week 3

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Harry Thorneycroft picks up the Work Experience baton in Week 3

David Bone

It has been another spectacular week in the world of Xoomworks Work Experience. This week we have had the pleasure of Harry with us. Harry is a rare mix of technical wizardry and poetic beauty – just our type of Xoomie.

Here’s Harry’s view of the XoomWorld:

I wanted to spend a week’s work experience immersed in something completely new and to temporarily live a different kind of life separate from holiday, and come Friday afternoon that is what I feel I have achieved. It has been a fantastic experience, not just being in the office but going through the motions of working: Even the “simple” matter of commuting was exciting. I’m sure the novelty soon wears off but in a weird way being inappropriately intimate to somebody else and smelling their breakfast first thing in the morning was a good thing. Of course though commuting isn’t commuting without a strike and so this only lasted four days. I therefore found myself in the strange/ironic position of doing work experience from home to the amusement of my family.

It particularly struck me through the week that everybody was not just interested in me as a person but also invested time in Caitlan (my fellow work ‘experiencee’)and I. On day one, Shirley was so welcoming – not only did she give us our own pukka pad (my love of stationary probably belongs on another blog), but she also rightly established that it is a very relaxed and friendly environment. David for instance, who has an infectious enthusiasm and optimism, spent time establishing what sort of person I am, what I want to get out of the week and channelling such helpful ideas. And Jamie kindly dedicated his time on Tuesday morning to talk to us about presenting skills which I think highlighted some invaluable lessons. I have never heard of any other work experience doing those sorts of things.

Harry Thorneycroft

As to what I actually did…I had said that an ongoing aim of mine was to improve at excel and this was realised when I was presented with Jamie’s report on the utilisation of the company. It forced me to learn about areas of excel which are essential (pivot tables, slicers, dashboards) and made easier by the fact I could practice on real data. I therefore got a lot out of the week personally, far more than I felt I was able to give back. David was also keen to bring back “TED Fridays” – simply an occasion everyone gathers to watch a TED video and discuss it. A great way to spend lunch and it is a testament to the company and people that something like that happens. I also found myself providing the video (https://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_on_vulnerability?language=en ) and although I say it myself, it was exceptional and should be compulsory viewing! A trip to the delights of the Leather Lane food market is also compulsory for any future work “experience”. Put simply, it is a culinary Mecca and I was disappointed I only discovered it on Friday – many missed opportunities to calorie hunt, I really needed another week!





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