Felix Picks up the Baton in Week Two of the Xoom Work Experieganza

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Felix Picks up the Baton in Week Two of the Xoom Work Experieganza

David Bone

After our successful first week with George in the XoomRoom we then handed over to Felix (of the Reynolds clan) who (amongst many great and wonderful things delivered a pitch perfect presentation on why Xoomworks next office should be in Uruguay.

Here are a few words (and pics) from Felix:

I’m just finishing my second week here at Xoomworks. Having finished some of the work I’ve had to do, I now have turned my attentions to the ‘mexican blog’ for the summer interns and have had to reflect on my time here. Xoomworks is an incredible place to work, and there are a few reasons why. I’ll get there.

When I first was buzzed in to the office on Monday 22nd, I was quite nervous before my first ever work experience placement (‘Hi!’ said one of the senior staff. ‘Good, thanks, how are you?’ I replied).

One of the first things I realised, after having been shown around and given induction by Shirley, was that this wasn’t going to be a normal work experience: David Bone took my fellow intern George and I into Snowdon (as I will come onto later) and began to discuss a few things, beginning with what were our worst fears a work experience would be like.

I remember saying monotony, and sitting around a lot. Sitting around a lot, and monotony, aren’t in the vocabulary of David and the Xoomworks team.

In the first session on Monday morning, I was asked to describe myself, and what I like. Reading, basketball, sports. David swiftly corrected me: I needed to be specific, to distinguish myself. I wasn’t just doing work experience but I was getting experience for interviews, for uni and for jobs. Then, when we went to Mossbourne, I could really see the importance of it. Some guys there were great ‘candidates’ because they distinguished themselves in ways I learned within an hour of arriving at Xoomworks.

I went to Mossbourne. I also went to a blood bank, because David is a regular donor. At first I was somewhat apprehensive, having never done anything really like it, but I went along on the bus and got to see what a blood bank is like. That in itself is a story big enough for it’s own blog page, so I’ll cut it down. It was a truly interesting experience, very different from what I expected: everyone was chatty, and not at all surprised to see a 15 year old. Come Dine With Me played on TV as the brave donors chatted with staff and amongst themselves.

The blood bank, and the story, might seem like an ‘unusual’ use of my time at work experience but it fits rather nicely with the way that Xoomworks works.

An initiative three years ago, called Project January, encouraged everyone in the company to do ‘random acts of kindness’. A (now ex-) member of staff went to an old people’s home, where they have no family or friends, and befriended a woman who she continued to go and chat with long after the ‘project’ ended. David and a few other staff went and gave blood. I mentioned Project January first but it’s not an isolated incident- the culture at Xoomworks prioritises kindness, charity and team spirit.

Seeing close knit groups of people is usually reserved for school, where you have to make friends as you know you have to. In the working world, people have families and lives outside work. So I suppose Xoomworks is an anomaly:

I went to Fortnum and Mason’s with Shirley and George. It was to pick up a gift for a leaving ‘Xoomie’. It’s a sign of the friendship and camaraderie that the gift was specifically chosen to the leaving party’s taste, and that issues of price were removed by the generous donations by members of the office.

Dotted round the office are constant reminders of the Xoomworks values.

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