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George Kicks-off the Mexican Work Experience

David Bone

It’s Summer 2015 and we are already rocking with the first of ‘at least’ seven work experience engagements.

First up is the wonderful George (McAuliffe).  One of the first lessons that George ‘got’ pretty quickly at Xoomworks was to ask Questions…..and then ask more questions until ‘no assumptions’ were left.

One his first questions was ‘Why Mexican Work Experience’………more to follow.

Below is George’s first update:
Hey there. My name is George McAuliffe and I am a Xoomie.

George and Felix in Fortnams

I am your typical computer geek that is very into maths and science with relatively poor creative writing skills so when David Bone told me I would be writing a blog, I didn’t think I would have a hope in getting through the week.

George Work Experience
Xoomworks has been a fantastic work placement and a fantastic experience and opportunity to meet new people and work on projects with the support of the experienced employees at Xoomworks as well as work along side other interns giving us the opportunity for us to “make it on as a team”.

When I first got to “Zoomworks”, we sat down and discussed what made up a bad work experience and what made up a good work experience. For the negatives we suggested that being unsupported, doing repetitive mundane tasks would be awful and goes luckily these don’t align with the values of Xoomworks.

Each day we were set tasks relevant to our skills and given time to contemplate how to complete and overcome the tasks set. We would then get one-on-one time with employees for them to teach us how to use functions in Excel. But that wasn’t all………….

Part II – coming soon…

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