A Wonderful Internship (.NET programme Summer 2014)

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A Wonderful Internship (.NET programme Summer 2014)

Xoomworks .NET Internship Programme Summer 2014

Our .NET Internship Goals Once again Xoomworks held an internship with the primary aim of getting a group of wonderful young and hungry technologists together to share with them some what we

do as a ‘Technology Outsourcing’ company by coaching and mentoring them through this organised programme.

This year we had 11 students (some who had graduated and some who were beginning their Masters degree) spend a full month with us on a .NET project under the leadership of Tibi Covaci (our Microsoft MVP – plus international jet-setter and .NET trainer extraordinaire).

As Tibi explains: “The purpose of the program was to share Xoomworks .NET capabilities, give the opportunity to students to get exposed not only to technical training, but also to a “hands-on” project, learning to be able to work independently and to deliver a product based on a set of specifications.




What makes an Internship a Success? We knew that one of the major factors in a successful internship was to give an opportunity to work on ‘real-life’ business scenarios and therefore we decided to focus on building a ‘travel reservation site’ based on our client Expedia’s API and written entirely using the .NET stack technologies. During the internship the interns were introduced to Visual Studio, .NET Framework, C#, JavaScript, Sql Server, QA Automation and Scrum (to name just a few)

The interns were put into pairs and Tibi the trainer set the expectation that the end result should be for the teams to present a successful (and engaging) public demo for all the employees at Xoomworks.

It wasn’t just Tibi that the interns had the pleasure of working with. We also had Ionel Vele as SQL Server trainer, Alex Lakatos (our QA Practice Lead) as QA and Automation trainer, Ovidiu Chis as a Product Owner, Adrian Dinte as Scrum master, Iulia Parpalea (provider of wonderful programming support) and Andrea Ghisa who helped supervise and work with the team when Tibi was fire-fighting technical issues around the globe. A huge big thanks to these guys for spending such quality time with the interns – this really is what makes it a success.

Was it all Work Work Work? As you would hope in a world class internship this was not all about technical hard work! There was also room for a ‘Welcome’ and ‘Sad that this is the End’ party as well as plenty of great ping-pong championships in our basement.



Did we Succeed with the Internship In terms of the project we believe that the ultimate goal was (to quote one of the interns) “Overachieved”. Everyone involved was very happy about the way they worked and the things they’ve learned. We received some wonderful feedback from the interns including Oana: “I found the experience really interesting. I loved the ‘accent on practice rather than theory’ as University is often just focusing on theory. I found most enjoyment working on a real-life application and doing all the steps that a programmer does like scrum/planning. Tibi is an exceptional teacher – I couldn’t think of anything he could do better.”

We asked the team how they enjoyed the parties and one said “it was really good – we eat pizza and got happily drunk”.

Not everything can be perfect and we also took away some great suggestions and will apply these in our ‘lessons learnt’ debrief. Many shared that having two persons using one laptop is difficult if one person is fast and the other is slower.

According to Ovidiu and Adrian the last sprint was epic. It began with awesome planning where they interns were seen to be assigning tasks quickly and it famously ended with the estimations proving to be accurate.




Future for our Interns: Although it was not the main aim of this project, we were able to match the career aspirations of several of our interns with direct recruitment needs we had at the time and as such we are proud to announce that we already have interns from this year’s programme working full –time with us at Xoomworks. Watch this Blog for future updates on their success with us.

Future for You! If you would like to be considered for our next internship or you have questions/suggestions on the programme then please contact us on to@xoomworks.com

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