The Shoebox project

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The Shoebox project

We all know that Christmas is all about peace, kindness, joy and well-doing. This celebration is magic and it transforms every person into a little Santa Claus who brings smiles on the faces of his loved ones




This year, as every year, Xoomworks has put in place a Shoebox project that become bigger and bigger just like the snow ball. As expected, the goal is to bring a ray of happiness in some less fortunate children’s lives. Therefore we have been in touch for a while now with a romanian association called „The Reunited Family Association”  which has a day care for about 16 children, and also it looks after about 300 families, as the association is involved in helping families grow and get passed their difficulties.

In order for us to help those that really count we thought that the best way for us to raise funds for children’s presents is to organize an auction. 3 talented Xoomies have offered their time to manually paint 15 T-shirts with Christmas as the theme. The T-shirts have been painted with the soul so they are priceless. These children deserve a happy Christmas and this is the main reason that we are trying to put a price on each T-shirt.





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