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Engaging with China

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Engaging with China


Hey! I am Minchen Jiang,  an atypical Chinese man from the city of Shanghai. Two years ago,  I couldn’t resist the temptation from Great Britain, I quit my enviable job in the IT department of Chinese government and came to London for my postgraduate study in King’s College. Life in London was unbelievable for me, I was deeply attracted by the traditional and cultural things here.I could read the old stories and legends through Gothic architectures and flagstone lanes. As well as being a student and part of Xoomworks, I am also:

  • a professional photographer


I worked for a photography studio, Timmotion Studio. I took aerial photography for the Olympic Games on a helicopter. My photos were also bought by National Geographic.

  • a product designer


With my partner Xue Qin,I have designed an open source product for Victoria and Albert Museum; I have taken part in Design Indaba and designed a toy bricks working desk for African Student.

  • a magazine editor

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I was in charge of all photography of the magazine ROAR, the magazine of King’s College  Student Union. I created a new sector called “King’s weekly show” encouraging students to record interesting things in campuses.

  • a mountaineer

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In 2009, I conquered a mountain Konka with 3 of my friends. The mountain is in Tibet in China and about 2,000 miles high. It’s a great experience of team-working for me. We walked in the ice river, we ate bleeding beef, we even faced death. And we were survived.

Working in Xoomworks is incredible. I am helping us to find opportunities in China. And I think I am the right person to do the job. Everyone here is very kind and friendly. Steve has given me a lot of trust in the work; I had an amazing talk with Anthony, he’s actually a China hand; Darren and long hair David they gave me helpful lessons and trainings. Also Ben and short hair David. To be honest, I felt a little bit nervous to be with the two guys at first, because I like Barcelona but they are Gunners fans. Obviously I heard ridiculous rumors about English football fans. Ben and David are very nice guys, and I had an unforgettable running with them. I am not a good runner, but I really enjoy the feeling. I believe I would have a wonderful time in Xoomworks, and I want to create a new future for them.


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