What makes a Xoomie a Xoomie?

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What makes a Xoomie a Xoomie?

A while back we asked Xoomworks employees what they thought were the attributes that made a ‘Xoomie’.

This has been circling internally for quite sometime but for community friends and prospective new recruits I hope it makes for an interesting insight.

Key words

Delivery focused, can do attitude, youthful enthusiasm, community spirited, continuously improve, inquisitive, proactive, leaders in the areas of expertise, creative, passionate, friendly, personable, flexible, fun, interesting, talented, professional, knowledgeable, build strong people relationships, wide industry experience, willing to go the extra mile to help.

The following was a beautiful one-liner delivered from one of the consultant-fold Andy Hart (pic is of Andy in his natural Xoomie surroundings):

Andy Hart celebrates with Xoomworks Managed Services Team



A Xoomie“A talented, personable, inquisitive individual that has a “go getter” spirit for client delivery coupled with a great sense of fun and youthful enthusiasm for life as well as a deep sense of Xoomworks community spirit”

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