3 Great Offers to May Bank Holiday Enlightenment

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3 Great Offers to May Bank Holiday Enlightenment

Offer 1:

If you know that you are going to have a lazy sun-soaked May Bank Holiday and you just want to courageously support our charity partners then we’ve got the perfect thing for you.




Just click on the link below and dig-deep knowing that every penny you deviate from buying a beer or jug of Pimms will be better spent supporting our friends at Bendrigg and HemiHelp


Offer 2:

You want to support our Xoomworks charity partners, but you also want to get fit over the weekend, but you’re not quite sure what to do.

Well we have the perfect solution for you.

Join us for a leg (or two) of the London Capital Ring ultramarathon on Saturday 5th and/or Sunday 6th May. This is a 77 mile route around the canal paths, walkways and fabulous parks of London. There are short routes and longs legs – something for everyone.




Click on the link http://www.justbecauseitsthere.com/2012/04/21/correction-to-the-ring/ for information on the route and the timings.

We would love to see you even if its just to wave, pass us some home-made pork pie, cycle or row along side us etc. Just to see your happy Bank Holiday faces may be the difference between success and failure on this challenge

PS dont forget to complete Offer 1 as well.

Offer 3:

Ok you’ve sponsored us because you are wonderful human beings already on the path to enlightenment but you wish to take part in additional fun Bank Holiday challenges

Perfect. Can we direct you to the Xoomworks Gold Challenge for 2012




As some of our avid blog viewers will already know our aim is to complete sporty type challenges with 2012 “unique” people in our community. So all you need to do is contact us and let us know what you plan to do this May Bank Holiday Weekend and we will come and join you.

The Olympics being staged in our backyard of East London is a great opportunity to celebrate and what better way than to embrace the magical Gold Challenge.

So far the journey has been incredible. We’ve ran with the Kalahari bushmen in Botswana, joined HemiHelp team at the Olympic Parade event (and came second in the 4×100 relay!!) climbed Mount Snowden, surfed in Cornwall, skied the Alps, rambled the four corners of UK, played our clients at squash etc etc. It’s the type of challenge that has really fired up the imagination of our creative crew and to able to do this with our friends, clients, and charity partners etc has made it truly special.

I think we are going to fail spectacularly trying to get 2012 of you involved…. but one thing’s for sure and that is we are going to have a tremendous amount of fun trying.

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