Xoomworks wins medal (silver!) at the Olympics

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Xoomworks wins medal (silver!) at the Olympics

On Sunday April 1st 2012, Team Xoomworks was fortunate in being able to represent our charity partner HemiHelp at the new London Olympic Stadium for the Gold Challenge!




Bathed in Spring sunshine, the team gathered outside the stadium and proceeded through airport style security to get into the event.

Once inside the impressive ground, the team Xoomie runners had to shoot off to the meeting point for racers while the rest of us headed to our seats in the stadium. We were in serious luck that day as we were only a few rows from the front and the sun opened up and stayed glorious for the rest of the day!

A major part of the day were the 4×100 metre relay races, which some people (mentioning no names, Mr Parker) had been practicing intently for.

The relays started up and we were all looking forward to cheering the Team Xoomworks race to the finish line… who wants to be first anyway?!? Team Xoomworks started well and got even better, powering into first position heading into the final leg and finally finishing in a very impressive second place.  Well done David Norris, Ben Parker, Steve Marsh and Johann Kottas! The runners can be very proud to have run on the track that will be the focus of millions in a few short months as well as supporting a very Worthy Cause in HemiHelp.




Steve is a client of Xoomworks and was kind enough to send us this:

“Xoomworks’ involvement with the Gold Challenge 2012 at the Olympic Stadium was a very rare and thoroughly enjoyable experience. As a client of Xoomworks, it was refreshing to be asked to contribute to a well organised event for good cause. Having had a wonderful day with the team, I would welcome the opportunity to get involved in other events in the future.”

After the success of the runners it was the turn of the parade walkers to head out to our meeting point just outside of the stadium walls. Hundreds of us were guided to be what can only be described as giant human pens where we waited until it was time to head off for the parade walk around the Olympic track. The tone of the parade felt like a carnival as we were right next to the speakers with dance tunes blaring out and surrounded by balloons and banners representing the various great causes people had come to support. At this point Ben became very jealous of another groups purple pompoms (a fact almost as embarrassing as Kelly’s Slow Motion run caught on camera on the 100m track!). At one point Fatima Whitbread arrived and signed autographs and posed for photos, much to the delights to some of the younger members of our group (Callum aged 12 and Vai aged twenty something…). Fatima signed every single autograph with a smile and was just about to make her escape until another group spotted her!




It was amazing to enter the huge basin of a stadium through the tunnel whilst being applauded by thousands of people, the adrenalin was certainly pumping! The parade was interrupted part way though by a marriage proposal via the stadium screen to one of the support crew (she said yes!) which just added to the great feel of the day. It was around this point that Ben made an impressive break for the medal podium only to be promptly shooed away by a member of the crew!




Once back in our seats after the parade we were treated to a few more relay races including celebrity teams and guests with Gareth Thomas, some Blue Peter favourites, Katie Price & Harvey, Sinitta, a mass of sporting legends and last but not least, Andy’s favourite x-factor finalists…Two Shoes! Added to this were some great acts in the finale including Paul Potts and Dionne Bromfield.

A massive thanks to our friends at HemiHelp who allowed us to join them and raise awareness for the fabulous work they do.

All in all it was a lovely day and we feel very privileged to have taken part in such a special event and walked the Olympic track. It was wonderful to see so many people supporting these fantastic charities and all the invaluable work they do.




To see more photos CLICK HERE

Blog content courtesy of Kelly Cooper and Ben Spicer

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