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Xoomworks Gold Challenge 2012

What links Lance Armstrong, a Kalahari bushman and a Dodgeball team?

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They, like you, are members of our community (they might not yet know it – but I’ll come to that)

Each year at Xoomworks we dream up new sporting challenges to tick some essentials like staying fit,

pushing ourselves just a little bit further and as an outlet for our creative souls. Something we’ve always loved as a by product of this has been how we’ve brought friends, clients, family, FOXs and many alumni along for the ride.

2012 as we know is the year that the Olympics comes to our town and we were approached by one of our charity partners Hemihelp to join the Gold Challenge. Huddled in our Snowden meeting room (yes they’re all named after one of the 3 peaks we mounted) we licked our lips at the thought of running, cycling or moonwalking 2012 miles but those challenges weren’t filling our mojo.

Then one popped out.

Why not take the number 2012 and look to do sporting challenges with 2012 unique members of our community. Oooooh! Now we like the sound of this – it even feels slightly unachieveable but that makes it all the more fun trying.

First rule of Xoomworks Gold Challenge Club became that we definitely needed some rules!

So the rules are:

  1. Each challenge has to be completed with a Xoomworks employee also doing that challenge.
  2. Each “unique” member of our community can only count on one challenge and that whatever idea is dreamt up it has to be done for a minimum of 1km.
  3. Whatever distance over 1km the challenge may end up being, it still only counts for a single kilometre per member of the community.

The plan is to also engage all Xoomworks employees in both Cluj and London offices and those residing in other global outposts to take part, which is something we’ve never come close to achieving.

Straight forward – Yes?

Since the idea was pitched internally the sporties, the creatives and the deviants ( my favourite – the ones who once again take the idea and work it to the extreme – watch this space soon as we launch Capital Ring 2012) have shown-up and we’ve already had Simon challenging one of our BSkyB clients to a game of squash (Simon respectfully allowing to be thrashed), ex-colleague and close friend Darren Strachan joining us on the London Ultra (50km of epic pain around London and only 1 credit towards our 2012 target)

This weekend sees the birth of  “Project Ukraine” where colleagues and community friends will be skiing in Bukovel.

So where does Lance and barefoot Kalahari man fit in. Well our Mike is taking part in both his and Lance’s first Ironman in Nice this July and Jamie will be venturing to Botswana where, fingers crossed, he’ll personally get to meet, befriend and run with the Kalahari tribesmen.

As well as this we have family carrying the Olympic torch, rollerblading, rambling, kids football, great lake swimming, ultramarathon and yes dodgeball challenges all lined up.

We would love you to join us. Get involved, pitch ideas and have fun with us as we build towards harnessing the power of 2012 people.

PS yes of course you can sponsor us and track our 2012 challenge progress

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