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Gravitas Schmavitas

I spent much of my initial working career wanting to have more gravitas, which in my mind back then meant having a bit of a belly, grey hair, looking old, but being listened to.

At a previous employer of mine, one of the finest Consultants I knew failed to gain Partner status because the selection committee deemed that he lacked gravitas.

Now that I have plenty of grey hair, certainly look middle aged but fortunately have so far avoided the belly I realise how misguided I was.

Being listened to is not the output of looking old and fat, but the output of how well you know your subject, how passionate you are about it and most of all about being yourself with the confidence to speak up.

For me, I know that in Xoomworks, I have found the company that encourages me to be myself and my job is to ensure that all our employees get to this same feeling as quickly as possible.  In my mind, this is the foundation for them growing into the experts they wish to be; with the freedom to make a significant impact for our clients, themselves and Xoomworks.

Passion is a difficult one and I feel comes from within.  But it is only free to be expressed when in the right environment and this is where I believe we are already well on the way to creating a culture within Xoomworks where people really feel they can express themselves.

I don’t profess to know how we are going to get there, but will be commenting regularly on developing a talent pool that is the envy of all competition in our chosen lines of business – especially as it will be so clear that this has not been drummed into them from on high, but allowed to develop from within.

Xoomworks has a stated goal that should anyone decide to leave Xoomworks, they do so with the best possible CV and will look back on their time at our company and know they could never have developed as much working for any other organisation.

Now off to continue the journey!




As a footnote, I actually looked up the definition of gravitas – dignity, seriousness, or solemnity of manner and decided this is not a virtue I really wanted to aspire to after all!  Creativity, Curiosity, Integrity, Wisdom, Persistence and Humour – now they are a set of virtues that get my vote.

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