Project January – Triumphs and Disasters

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Project January – Triumphs and Disasters

‘What the Dickens’ is Project January?

At Xoomworks we like to feel that we have a bunch of inspirational people who seek out the time to support people within our community. So we came up with ‘Project January’ as a different way of  generating fresh ideas around offering up time and energy to support people in a month of the year that’s traditionally a time when people try to hibernate – especially in the cold dark European countries of Romania and England where we are based. So the plan for us is to see what unique ideas flow, especially to see if we can elicit them from within the Xoomworks community and see how far we can run with them.

Jamie Holmes dreamt of our offices awash with Daruma dolls to oversee the project – but to date we just have two!



Project January Talisman


We put the original project idea out via our internal social network ‘Yammer’ in December 2011 and out of the various threads of discussion we so far have the following things lined up:

Give Blood – The suggestion was put forward by Joshim Ahmed: “My wife was reading ‘Thanks for all the Memories’ by Cecilia Ahern, about somebody who meets the person whose live was saved used their donated blood. That reminded me… I always wanted to give blood!” So Joshim is planning for us to attend a session close to the London office at Holborn Viaduct, 23rd January. Click here to search for more UK blood donor sessions. If you would like to join us on this day then please contact us.

Learn to play Squash/Badminton – Andrew Hart, our resident squash pro, is offering his services to teach anyone the rudiments of the game. If you’ve never played or want a refresher then drop us a message and we will help set up a time for a game.

Sharing ‘Internal Training’ Externally – for the past few months our very own Xoomworks Lab blogger Mike Bestvina has been running evening sessions on ‘How to use social media to build your own personal brand and engaged community’. Feedback has been so great that Mike’s now offered to run another session for our wider FOX (Friends of Xoomworks) community as part of ‘Project January’.

Other ‘Xoomies’ have discussed volunteering for ‘Habitat for Humanity‘, following the inside-out project by the inspirational JR from his 2011 winning TED talk and internally giving time to each other through our ‘Mentoring & Buddying’ programme. Watch this space over the next few weeks for more.

Next Steps – How do we get YOU involved? – A major part of what we want to do here in the Xoomworks community is to hear what you are doing and find out how we can support you. We’d love to hear your thoughts on  ‘Project January’. Do you feel that January should be a time for putting greater effort into supporting the community?

Our very own FD Ant Baring kicked things off in style with his own support for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution by braving a sub-zero sea-plunge. Great effort Ant.


Xoomworks_Anthony_Baring_RNLIAnthony raises funds for RNLI


Over the coming weeks we will be updating you, hopefully with our ‘triumphs’ and introducing our own 2012 Olympic challenge.

Looking at the European weather forecast there could even be some ‘snow’ based support effort thrown in as well!

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