2011. Mere Detail. Tick. 2012 #Boom!

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2011. Mere Detail. Tick. 2012 #Boom!

As we near the end of 2011 we have taken the opportunity to ask our Xoomworks colleagues for their thoughts on the ‘success of our community events this year’ via an anonymous google-doc questionnaire.

It makes for great reading with these highlight quotes:

3 peaks – tough immersive challenge taking people out of their normal roles. Humour, pain, togetherness spread over a decent period of time. Great examples set by many people in different ways. Joyous! ”


Xoomworks_Ant_Neil_get_readyAnthony and Neil soak up Ben Nevis


“The Shoebox Project was for me personally the most successful of 2011. This project made us join efforts in order to put a smile on children’s face . Nobody could anticipate the whirlwind of passions this initiative would trigger.”


Xoomworks_Project_ShoeboxCluj Team with Shoeboxes packed with goodies


“The Xmas party was an epic display of what the company is about and the house band, Husky and the Boom Boys, embodied that perfectly.”

However as everyone knows that’s the easy bit. Almost 50% of the company contributed to the questionnaire and hidden amongst all the great comments were a few themes (some may say “elephants-in-the-room!“) that will hopefully be the ones we champion and if we get them right it will help us benchmark success in 2012.


elephantElephant in the Room


“One thing that was missing in 2011 was a joint London Cluj event.” When you have two key offices in one company there is an inevitable feeling of things happening in one which is not being promoted in the other.

“ I think it would be nice if we could find some community activities that are more entrenched in giving up time than setting a physical challenge”

So as we move into 2012 there are some key things we want to achieve next year within the community and as such we would love to get your views of these to help shape ‘What, When & How?’

  1. Engage all members of the community – As you have seen with the quotes here we’ve had some successful events in 2011 such 3 Peaks, Project Shoebox, Xoomworks Band etc that have brought a wide variety of colleagues together and in some small ways our extended network. For 2012 we want to get ‘everyone’ involved. For this to be successful we need you to help us with ideas.
  2. Build sustainable programmes – Going forward we want to be able to build relationships that allow us to do more for the people and organisations that we wish to support. For 2012 we plan to continue to build our charitable activity around ‘Bendrigg’ and ‘Hemihelp’ with the idea that we can do more as a partner rather than just a fundraiser.
  3. Create a framework for our Community activity – this may sound painful but its not and its essential. We all need to have a clear view of whats going on, who can support you, what their role is, what our core values are, what budget there is, what time off could be made to support an event etc and once we have that we can fill the space with loads all the brilliant stuff. This will be put together in a pack that will be shared with the community
  4. Greater collaboration between Cluj and London communities – We need to lose the ‘It only happens in London’ tag and all be responsible for just building great stuff irrespective of location.
  5. Retain Talent and Attract Talent – It’s no surprise that talented people are innovators, ideas people and entrepreneurs. We want a community of these people who in turn will attract a new generation of Xoomworks Talent.

PS if you are wondering where the title comes from its merely the Xoomworks lexicon of 2011. #Boom!

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