Turning Work Experience into Work Inspiration

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Turning Work Experience into Work Inspiration

In 2012 Xoomworks plans to get creative with ‘work experience’.

It’s not something thats prescriptive – it’s something that we will need to feel our way through – but with community support we feel that we can do something amazing.

This week we had Jake (see below -Year 13 student from Mossbourne Academy) who came to spend some time with us.


xoomworks_jake_BoomJake (on right) experiences Boom! with Xoomworks team

What was great about the experience was that we got just as much out it as we hope Jake did. Jake revealed a talent for design and made the creative process appear effortless. So we challenged him to create a team Xmas card for one of our divisions and 10 minutes later we had something we shared with our clients.

Later in a session with Anthony Baring (Xoomworks FD) an ‘eureka’ moment occurred and out of this we plan to set up a couple of thin clients in the London office so that students like Jake can drop in to work on their projects or maybe even support us with creative in the future (we need it!!).

In the few days he was with us Jake completed a  QA lifecycle of the new ‘Striker Superstars‘ game and fed back his own unique commentary to Andy Law (Cybersports CMO) which Andy kindly returned with “Absolutely superb, really appreciate you thinking of us and I know the team will enjoy reading through this. Please pass on my sincere thanks..!”.

However it wasn’t just the feedback that excited us. After spending a short while engaged with Jake it became clear to us that this was an ideal opportunity for a school based project where Jake could take back his experience and set-up something like a unique affiliate based website programme with his class. Watch this space.

He also completed an assignment that had been set by his tutor Hari Denton in which he investigated the effectiveness of our teams Xmas cover for our clients. (I can’t share the results for contractual reasons!)

In 2012 we plan to build a sustainable programme of activity with Mossbourne starting with some mentoring of children from Year 12 who will be completing end of year projects in things such as Graphical mathematical graphing, Android app for managing phone functions and Server encrypted messaging in C#.

We are also passionate about education and are keen to hear from our community on what your thoughts are on how best to inspire children through work experience.

Excellent articles such as this one from John Naughton inspire us to do more and pushes us to explore how we can also create a piece of ‘magic’ in what we do.

One lunchtime with our Boom! food we headed into the meeting room to watch another classic TED talk – this time choosing the legendary ‘Changing education paradigms‘ one by Sir Ken Robinson.

On his last day Jake brought in a festive box of celebration chocolates which went down a real storm. A perfect end to a perfect Xmas work experience.

Thanking you Jake.

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