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Xoomtime interview with Kilian Pender

By: Joe Thompson | 13 November 2017

As a technology company that creates digital products for some of the most exciting businesses around today, we are proud to introduce Xoomtime – a podcast where we talk business, technology, startup life and innovation with all kinds of interesting people who are doing amazing things in tech. Today, we are talking to Killian Pender, CEO and founder […]

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How to get your innovation budget approved with five connected arguments

By: Kamelia Renata G. | 25 October 2017

In the field of technology development, we should have it easy. A consumer product has to compete against random chance by ensuring an innovation fills the need of a consumer to be long-lasting and not just today’s supply-sided fad. The Uber-type services are a modern example; they are not innovating the transport industry. They are […]

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Forget Prince2, I need Prince Charming

By: Joe Thompson | 16 October 2017

Delivering a project is hard. It’s hard because you need to get a bunch of people to do the right stuff at the right time. Often with a million different priorities swirling around and a million different ideas for what, why and how stuff should be done. It feels obvious that the key skill in […]

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Xoomworks at eWorld September 2017 – Event Highlights

By: Andrada Sabo | 12 October 2017

It has now become tradition for Xoomworks to attend eWorld, the leading bi-annual event for procurement innovation; and the September event was all about innovation, from procurement automation, risk management through to how the internet is affecting procurement. For us this was a great opportunity to catch up with other industry leaders, connect with potential […]

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My plan is a lie but everyone believes in it anyway

By: Joe Thompson | 9 October 2017

There is an extensive canon of work on the art of estimating software effort. But whatever technique you use for predicting the unpredictable, there is one golden rule that you break at your peril: Build in some contingency. So how do we account for that time? Add a big fat bar of unknowables to the bottom […]

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Best Place for Developers to Work

By: David Bone | 30 July 2017

Xoomworks Technology has long built its core around a fruitful “borderless” way of existing. We have worked with developers from around the globe for nearly 20 years. Many of these senior devs are friends as well as important trusted professionals who live in diverse locations such as the Pakistan mountains, the Slovakian hinterland and the […]

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Meet the Team – Anca Halalaiu, OPS Team Lead

By: Andrada Sabo | 26 June 2017

We are happy to have one of our Cluj-based colleagues featured in the Meet the Team section. Anca Halalaiu is one of our Operational Procurement Support Team Leads and she’s been with Xoomworks for almost 3 years.   Tell us a bit about your journey in Xoomworks. I joined Xoomworks almost 3 years ago, back […]

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Spend analysis – from challenges to benefits

By: Andrada Sabo | 23 June 2017

Unless you’re lucky enough to have unlimited amounts of money, it is normal to keep a close eye on how much you spend and what you spend it on. The same applies to businesses, and this is commonly termed spend analysis. You would expect a well-run business to be on top of its spend and […]

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Cloud-Based Procurement – eWorld 2017 Q&A session with Telehouse

By: Andrada Sabo | 29 March 2017

On the 1st of March our Team of Consultants attended the eWorld Procurement & Supply conference. During the event, we had the chance to host a Q&A session with Telehouse – one of our Coupa P2P clients. Telehouse is one of the leading names in the colocation and data centre industry, with a market presence […]

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Managing the Financial Supply Chain: Why CPOs should care

By: rebeccahoward | 16 March 2017

Running a successful Financial Supply Chain could have a huge impact on the way you could generate significant savings across your business. But knowing how is not always easy. Our latest White Paper provides insight into how your Financial Supply Chain has the potential to make your business more competitive – improving working capital, reducing […]

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SAP Lumira 2.0 – A future with impressive improvements

By: Yasmina Couty | 20 December 2016

The transition to Mobile BI and integration of Design Studio and Lumira into Lumira 2.0 enhancing the capabilities of both is worth the extended wait. Xoomworks BI will continue to monitor and consult with SAP in the run-up to the launch of Lumira 2.0. We will also make further assessments and run trials which we shall report on in 2017.

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Lack of focus could be the key to starting a Billion Dollar Company

By: Yasmina Couty | 1 November 2016

In the venture capital industry, a unicorn refers to any tech startup company that reaches a $1 billion. In 2016, there are 176 such companies with a combined valuation of $628BN* We have looked at the top 100 unicorns and studied the leadership titles of their founders to see what the secret sauce is to […]

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Beware: you’re most at risk from hackers today

By: Xoomworks | 13 September 2016

The end of August is when your passwords are likely to be least secure – putting everything from your internet banking to your computer at work at risk, according to security experts.

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The good looking ones: The future of reports with SAP UI5

By: Phil Gevaux | 8 September 2016

The team at Xoomworks BI was impressed with the speed and ease of UI5 to create a genuine HTML5 web based application. SAP are engaging with developers and giving the user the ability to create a modern UX and UI with the assurance and sophistication of SAP to handle complex environments. We liked the control we had to truly dictate the design of the application. SAP is in a program of steady upgrading to newer versions of SAP UI5.

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Video Intro: SAP Design Studio – The Basics

By: Phil Gevaux | 17 August 2016

This video aims to take Xcelsius creators on the very first steps in SAP Design Studio and show that it isn’t as scary as it first seems. It covers the very basics of creating a first BI application and introduces the first few lines of coding, which are much simpler that expected.

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Lumira 1.31: paving the way for further BI platform integration

By: Yasmina Couty | 16 August 2016

At Xoomworks BI with so many of our team of ex-BusinessObjects and ex-SAP having been involved with the story of Lumira, we see this new release and further progression of Lumira 1.31 towards Lumira 2.0 as a positive step for business and the user.

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GB&Smith 360 – Your new 3 best friends for migrating SAP BO

By: Yasmina Couty | 28 July 2016

At Xoomworks BI we view the GB&Smith 360 suite of tools as administration intelligence for SAP BusinessObjects. Planning a BI 4.1 to 4.2 migration on the very large scale we undertook, requires simplifying complex tasks. We have experience using proprietary and add-on technology. We use collective expertise and technology to fill the gaps that inevitably occur when planning a complex task in a complex system.

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How to: Plan a successful migration from pre XI BO to BI4.x

By: Alex Palley | 26 July 2016

How to: Plan a successful migration from pre XI BO to BI4.x Since 2007 BusinessObjects Enterprise version 6.5 has been unsupported. The lack of support places the system in the legacy category. Planning the migration from pre-XI BO to BI4.x is essential to ensure smooth transition and conversion of reports, and security. In this article, […]

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The transcript is ready: How to Properly Maintain and Secure Complex, Shared Landscapes

By: Nicolas Henry | 15 July 2016

Business intelligence (BI) is the lifeblood of data-driven organizations, enabling you to turn the data in your SAP systems into actionable information that drives better decision-making, uncovers opportunity, and improves efficiency. The modern BI landscape is an increasingly complex one, however, with trends such as big data, the cloud, and the Internet of Things dramatically changing the type, volume, and interaction of data and systems in play.

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How to best time migrations from SAP Dashboards to SAP Design Studio

By: Phil Gevaux | 12 July 2016

Migration to SAP Design Studio from SAP Dashboards is a manual process. No automation has been built in. SAP states that the manual process gives the user a chance to consider the new technology and decisions over design. A visualisation on Dashboard was made for a specific resolution. Design Studio using HTML5 is compatible with all devices including iPad and android, scalable to all sizes.

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Double Trouble Descends on Xoomworks

By: Andy Law | 9 March 2016

Today we have been joined by two ‘energetic’ young ladies namely Lauren Clark and Lara Gay. They have joined us for the day to learn more about Xoomworks and have a very busy day ahead of them. We asked them to document their experience throughout the day to facilitate a summary blog that would be posted on the website at […]

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New year, new faces and new experiences – Thoughts from out latest intern

By: David Bone | 18 January 2016

  We were very happy to welcome Ben Nutkins into the office this January, where he spent two weeks immersed in the world of Xoomworks as an intern. Here are his reflections on the time he spent with us: My two weeks work experience at Xoomworks has been fantastic! On the first day Jamie (MD Xoomworks Consulting) […]

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Taking TeamBuilding to new (ski-lift) heights

By: David Bone | 2 December 2015

Over the past few years we have had some truly memorable team-building events at Xoomworks. We’ve always been keen to break out of the city, seek solace in the wilderness and to reconnect with each other as well as mother nature. This year the Cluj + (some of the very lucky) UK team headed into the […]

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Razvan & Crew hit IM World in Bucharest 2015

By: David Bone | 19 October 2015

Here are Razvan’s “Highlights of IM world 2015”: http://www.imworld.ro/  During the somewhat capricious month of October three of Xoomwork’s awesome QAs (Alina David, Cosmin Sandulescu and Razvan Vuscan) have attended this year’s Internet and Mobile World Conference in Bucharest. Right from the moment we walked in we realized that it was going to be a memorable […]

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Wonderful finale to the Summer Work Experience Season 2015

By: David Bone | 17 August 2015

When I first asked Steve Jackson, Co-Founder & Group COO if I could do some work experience I must admit that I didn’t even know what the company did, in fact I didn’t even know how Xoomworks was spelt! Luckily I had time to brush up and check out their website before I came and since then, during my work experience I seemed to have learnt a great deal more than I could have hoped.

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