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SAP Predictive Analytics

SAP Predictive Analytics offers SMEs enterprise-grade data mining, real-time BI, and visualisation to reveal hidden insights and helps to quickly uncover trends in business performance.

SAP Predictive Analytics helps to turn data into actionable insights by taking advantage of cutting edge tools like Automated Analytics (formerly known as KXEN), and the data manipulation, preparation and presentation of Expert Analytics gives any company a competitive advantage.

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SAP Predictive Analytics

The toolsets support users gaining insights from their data with a few mouse clicks, predicting what seemed unpredictable until now.

Perform real-time data analysis, expose hidden patterns and relationships, to make predictions about future events.

Benefit from the joint power of two cutting edge statistical and data mining solutions delivered in one straight forward to installed package.

Easily develop, deploy, retrain and share complex models with a fully automated workflow.

Take predictive insights to the next level embedding them into powerful visualisations to share with a wide audience.

Enhance business insights with statistical analysis and data mining to reveal hidden insights and predict future developments.

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  • Uncover insights in Big Data, and predict the unpredictable in just a few clicks.

  • Easily acquire, prepare, manipulate and visualise data using familiar functionalities inherited from SAP Lumira.

  • Access a complete suite of products including SAP InfiniteInsight (former KXEN) and SAP Predictive Analysis in a single desktop installation.

  • Automated Analytics offers the flexibility to prepare data, develop predictive models, as well as deploy and retrain these with no formal background in data analytics or data science.

  • Answer critical business questions building the following types of models: Clustering, Classification/Regression, Recommendations, Time Series Analysis and Social Networks, or the power of R statistical analysis algorithms.

  • Integrates with HANA Automated Predictive Library to perform exploratory analytics of data sets stored in SAP HANA.

  • Develop and integrate new external data access extensions, as well as visualisation extensions using the plugin for SAP Web IDE.

  • Embeds into Apps and BI environments giving any user access to predictive insights.

  • Choose between a standalone desktop deployment, or a client-server implementation for Enterprise modelling, available for Windows or Unix.

SAP Predictive Analytics offers those insights and predictions crucial for any business to stay ahead of the competition. With its suite of statistical, data mining and predictive analysis tools, designated for business analysts and data scientists alike it provides an affordable solution designed for SMEs, teams and departments.

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