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SAP HANA is the in-memory platform to run fast analytics applications for business processes. SAP HANA delivers real-time data and analysis removing the problems of separate legacy systems and data silos.

SAP HANA will simplify an IT infrastructure. The in-memory platform replaces a conventional database. Integrating database, advanced data processing, and business applications into a single platform.

SAP HANA runs an open platform, on premise or in the cloud.

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SAP HANA database overcomes the limitations of conventional columnar and in-memory relational databases. HANA database is designed with scalability and power to leverage the capabilities of modern hardware. Producing faster and deeper insight for decision making.


Simplify your data infrastructure. HANA converges database, advanced data processing, data integration and application platform services in-memory.

SAP HANA in-memory database complies with the ACID standards; atomicity, consistency, isolation, & durability.

Accelerate your analysis integrating core business processes with real-time data from multiple sources.

Obtain data immediately from a single system for all processes.

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  • HANA is suitable for OLTP and OLAP applications. HANA is a hybrid database storing column and row based tables using them transparently.

  • HANA is a relational database supporting SQL and MDX and ensures ACID standards of transactional consistency and isolation. This simplifies migrating existing applications to HANA DB. The development of new applications is less risky as the same accepted paradigms exist as for conventional databases.

  • HANA provides mechanisms for fault tolerance and disaster recovery. HANA has stand-by nodes, database replication, backup and recovery.

  • HANA provides scalability and scale-out deployment. HANA keeps hot data in-memory avoiding expensive I/O operations. HANA overcomes the limitations of memory from a single server by distributing across multiple servers. HANA achieves good scalability in data volume and concurrent requests.

  • A single HANA system may have multiple tenant databases sharing the same hardware and HANA software. The databases can be isolated from each other. The isolation avoids any impact on health and performance of another application, from consuming resources or from failure.

  • HANA has specialised engines and features to simplify the development of applications processing structured and unstructured data, spatial, graphs, and text.

  • Classical 3-tier architecture is rethought in HANA with heavy application logic implemented directly in a database. HANA provides various data modelling and programming possibilities giving a code-to-data approach. Application logic is close to data and the application server only has an orchestration role. This results in better performance, lower implementation and operation costs and a simplified system. In contrast to HANA normal databases use the far slower and inefficient data-to-code approach, requesting data and storing it back after processing in thick application servers.

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