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Xoomworks will add value to any project, whether you need a complex project steered back to success, a migration of your BI content to SAP BusinessObjects or end-to-end security. Our experienced and innovative team of consultants have seen most BI scenarios and know what works – and what doesn't.

Value Propositions

Xoomworks proven methodology can help you overcome the obstacles and ensure busines success for your next BI project

Neglecting the importance of well-defined requirements usually results in huge project costs and wasted time. The majority of project defects and quality issues result from poor requirements. Requirements Definition is the most critical, yet often underestimated, cornerstone of transforming a BI business case into a successful solution.
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SAP BusinessObjects™ Optimisation

What do you want your SAP Business Intelligence system to give you? You know the value of your data. You want to empower your people with easy access to the business intelligence and data exploration tools they need to make faster, more informed decisions. You may have already invested in SAP Business Intelligence tools. So what’s stopping you? Perhaps there are performance issues with reporting. Maybe the system is slow, unpopular with users or you have concerns around the security setup.
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What is your strategy to make your SAP® BI solution mobile?

With many hours spent travelling or meeting clients, do you feel you are empowering your organisation to make critical decisions on the go? The need for up-to-date information 24/7, regardless of physical location is transforming the BI landscape, but how will you define a mobile strategy that maximises your existing SAP® BusinessObjects™ solution?
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Securing the long term success of your BI projects

The cost of BI project failure: Every large company is aware of the fundamental role BI plays in the smooth running of their operations. Despite this, many organisations suffer from severe setbacks when implementing BI projects:
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How will you maximise your purchase-to-pay performance?

An efficient procurement operation is vital for any business. You can significantly reduce costs and boost profitability by not only measuring the performance of your procurement operations but also deriving actionable information. A quality P2P Dashboard will enable delivery of strategic procurement goals and adherence to business process.
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How will you design an efficient and sustainable SAP® BI security model?

How does your organisation fulfil its duty of care towards data security? Safeguarding data is of paramount importance to any organisation. Your security model must ensure protection of confidential data, legislative compliance and provide a platform for ease of maintenance and expansion. Inefficient security models can lead to costly overheads and potentially compromise security. An entirely different set of challenges arise when migrating from previous BusinessObjects™ releases to SAP® BI4.
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How will you convert retail sales data into true business insight?

In today’s challenging retail environment, responding to ever changing consumer trends and marketplace realities is vital to gain a competitive advantage. A lack of visibility into operational efficiencies can reduce your ability to make sound decisions, with executives and managers relying on instinct rather than solid supporting evidence to steer the business.
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When did your SAP® BI solution have its last MOT check?

A Business Intelligence solution is now a crucial part of every successful business. It is a complex structure of technologies, applications and processes, fuelled by numerous, trans-regional data sources and business processes. Today, a high degree of flexibility and awareness is required to constantly realign decision making solutions to the rapid changes in the modern business world.
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Delivering a single point of accountability for SAP and BusinessObjects™ Security

How secure is your data? Your data is one of your biggest assets, so you know how vital it is that you’re aware of the risks and know how to mitigate them. But how much confidence do you have that all the individual security elements across your systems are working seamlessly together?
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Maximising your SAP BI investment with the SAP BusinessObjects™ toolset

Thinking of migrating your BI content to SAP BusinessObjects? Let us help you get it right first time. Many of our clients come to us because they are facing challenges with their Business Intelligence (BI) systems. Some find that the existing SAP BI toolset doesn’t have the full functionality they need, especially now that SAP is focussed on developing SAP BusinessObjects™. Others are concerned about the issues involved in migrating from SAP Business Warehouse to BusinessObjects™, especially if they are new to it.
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SAP BusinessObjects The right time to upgrade

SAP BusinessObjects™ (BO) is a significant part of the SAP landscape for many organisations, however many are running on outdated versions of the BO platform. BO 3.1 is currently widely used, but will be unsupported by SAP by the end of this year. In order to remain in support and to get the very most from the BO solution, organisations need to start planning and executing their upgrades, and doing so now.
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Extreme crisis situations | Extreme support

BI projects are often complex and issues can occur that are beyond the control of internal parties and project teams. If a crisis situation does arise, organisations need to lock it down and find a reliable solution as quickly as possible. Without expert knowledge of the BI landscape, it’s not always that easy.
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