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GB&SMITH - Enrich and secure your
BI environment

Xoomworks partners with GB&SMITH, a multi-award winning business that offers an innovative suite of products designed to help maintain, upgrade, secure and audit the SAP BI Administration experience. The 360Suite takes the pain out of some of the most significant administrative tasks, increasing user friendliness while providing the rigorous security required for complete peace of mind.


Dan Dellacona
Senior Application System
Tuscon Medical Center

“The 360Suite has become a must have product at TMC. I want to delve deeper into the products in the future and thus maximise our return on investment and spread more insights from our BO platforms to developers, key users and auditors."

GB&SMITH and Xoomworks

By combining Xoomworks exceptional BI knowledge with the cutting edge products offered by GB&SMITH, Xoomworks provides an administrative experience that is greater than the sum of its parts. The unique improvements offered by the 360Suite allow you to experience SAP BI administration in its definitive form – elegant, user friendly, secure and transparent.

After a successful pilot at a global petrochemical company, Xoomworks is delighted to make GB&SMITH a core part of its BI plan.

Contact us for no-obligation demonstration of the improvements the 360Suite can provide to your organisation.

Making BI secure the easy way

GB&SMITH’s 360 and 365 ranges deliver the full experience of their team of BI experts to the heart of any organisation. Whether your business is in need of enhanced security, auditing, backup, migration, broadcasting or reporting, GB&SMITH has a high quality, user-friendly solution.

Incredibly Easy
Optimise and visualise your migrations

360Eyes is the ultimate tool for migrations. This solution provides complete transparency, documenting all repository elements and generating key information for developers, administrators and key users. Powerful comparison software allows you to cross check and analyse environments versions, allowing you to track your evolution. Migrate with ease while remaining fully compliant.

Security: Making the essential simple

360View is a solution designed to put you in charge of your own security. With an emphasis on visibility and transparency, 360View gives you a top down perspective on the entirety of your organisation and their permissions using a web-based tool. Excel integration allows you to create and import new groups as well as audit and document your existing security. For clarity and power, 360View is unparalleled.

In 360View, you also have the possibility to import your users and your security matrices from an Excel spreadsheet

Making lost or deleted data a thing of the past

360Plus is your unified solution for data preservation and management. Lost data can have a significant impact on the day-to-day functioning of an organisation and can reduce transparency. By scheduling dynamic or full backups and using the selective restore function, you can ensure that the data you need is at your fingertips. The solution further enables intuitive version comparison and elegant, easy-to-use promotion between environments.

360Plus also enables you to log on, compare and manage multiple environments on a same screen. It offers the possibility to promote content between environments with a simple drag and drop. It is also possible to schedule these objects promotion between BOBJ platforms

Automate your version control

3Add-on 360Plus versioning to lock and work on objects (universes, connection, etc), update objects versions and manage objects life cycle.

Automate your non-regression tests

Automated processes are a vital part of every BI environment and are essential to a healthy organisation. 360Bind provides an effective way to manage data exports with dynamic scheduling and prompt value promotion. It allows you to rapidly retrieve and compare reports from different environments. Non regression tests are optimised, with discrepancies highlighted through an easy- to-use analytical tool.

Control and enhance your report broadcasting

360Cast allows you to manage every aspect of your report broadcasting. Create and use destination reports with ease with this powerful solution. Define formats destination and prompts in each list to ensure each recipient gets exactly what they need. Visualise and check the scheduling of your BO instances. 360Cast is compatible with integrated and enterprise scheduling servers.

Empower your organisation with custom portals

360Gate is an easy to install, web based solution designed to revolutionise the way you interface with SAP BusinessObjects. It provides secure, customised portals used to access BO documents and instances. These are designed with an emphasis on accessibility and clarity, providing a different architecture for each department (HR, sales, etc). Advanced filtering provides the user with only the information they need, drastically increasing efficiency and lowering security risks.


After being declared the winner of the North of France Fast 50 award in 2013, GB&SMITH secured recognition for the second year in a row in the Deloitte EMEA FAST 500 ranking. The Fast 500 ranking recognises the fastest-growing technological companies all around the world.


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