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Lack of focus could be the key to starting a Billion Dollar Company

By: Yasmina Couty| November 1, 2016

In the venture capital industry, a unicorn refers to any tech startup company that reaches a $1 billion. In 2016, there are 176 such companies with a combined valuation of $628BN* We have looked at the top 100 unicorns and studied the leadership titles of their founders to see what the secret sauce is to […]

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Beware: you’re most at risk from hackers today

By: Xoomworks| September 13, 2016 Beware: you're most at risk from hackers today A quarter of us forget passwords after a holiday - raising fraud risk. Xoomworks BI, Business Intelligence, SAP, SAP HANA, SAP LUMIRA, GB&Smith

The end of August is when your passwords are likely to be least secure – putting everything from your internet banking to your computer at work at risk, according to security experts.

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Embracing personal activities at work – A sound investment for UK companies

By: Nicolas Henry| July 11, 2016

It is generally understood that UK adults spend significant amounts of their work day performing tasks that are not specifically detailed in their job description. These activities span from clearly work-related tasks such as time tracking, to more personal activities such as online shopping and social media use. The costs and benefits of such activities are less widely studied.

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Dating digits – big data is being used to date and men prefer it that way

By: Nicolas Henry| May 17, 2016 SAP BI Mobile Purchase to Pay Dashboards

In an age, where live is becoming more computerised with dating apps and sites available it’s not surprising that people are turning to big data and analytics to “optimise” their dating processes.

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1 in 3 parents would use productivity tracking on their children to improve future prospects

By: Nicolas Henry| February 15, 2016

A third of British parents admit they’d use productivity data and wearable tech on their kids to improve their future chances of success and happiness, according to a new study. 1,000 adults from around the UK participated in the study, conducted by business intelligence specialists Xoomworks, to see how far parents would go to improve […]

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The fear of SMEs to upgrade from BusinessObjects to SAP BI4

By: Nicolas Henry| January 13, 2016

Many old BusinessObjects customers continue to use BO 6.5 or BOXlr2, again despite the fact prices for SME’s have dropped enormously. We looked into the phenomenon to gain an understanding of it. We wanted to lay down the facts, deliver some home truths, and give SME’s a reality check to dispel the common myths.

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Highlights, inspirations – Have a fabulous 2016!

By: Nicolas Henry| January 7, 2016

Preparing ourselves for a new and exciting year in 2016, the Xoomworks BI team have taken some time to reflect on 2015.   New website and increased social presence. In March we launched our new website, focusing on an improved user experience which included an all new fully responsive web design. With increased activity on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook our […]

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SAP BusinessObjects BI Edge 4.2 a sneak peak into what’s new

By: Yasmina Couty| November 27, 2015

The upcoming SAP BusinessObjects BI Edge 4.2 has been announced as offering an integrated BI Platform, thanks to some outstanding innovations to extend, enhance and simplify the way businesses and their users can unlock the value of their data – especially big data. SAP BusinessObjects BI Edge 4.2 is coming with a plethora of new […]

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Business Intelligence Now – A Status Summary. Part III

By: Nicolas Henry| November 5, 2015

This summer we circulated our Business Intelligence (BI) Market Trend Survey. In Part I, we looked at the answers around Business Intelligence in general, tools, adoption rates, and decision-making processes. In Part II we evaluated your answers around data security and data protection.Here, in Part III, we’ll have a look at questions and answers around Data Governance and Compliance, and Data Visualisation.

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