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Transform BI into a valuable
corporate asset

Xoomworks has implemented SAP BI solutions across many large enterprises around the world. Whether you use SAP BW or SAP HANA or you use other data warehouses we have the relevant experience. We understand your business needs and can translate them into pragmatic solutions.

We are the perfect fit to bring failing projects back on track because of our knowledge of escalation management. We also pick up the pieces where others failed and safely guide your project to a successful conclusion.

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BI Complex Project

"Unleash the power of your business data –
migrate to SAP BusinessObjects and see your data fly"

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What we do

We provide an end-to-end BI service, whether you want to steer a struggling project to success, embed a specialised BI team within your organisation or migrate legacy BusinessObjects platforms to the latest SAP BI versions. As experienced BI practitioners, we also understand the importance of both mechanics and behaviours when it comes to BI, ensuring the outputs of your BI system are what you need to make good decisions quickly.


We believe it’s important for businesses to stay aligned to SAP, and to keep up to date with developments and new skills. We are at the forefront of integrating SAP BusinessObjects with SAP NetWeaver BW and HANA in large and global projects. We also help companies move from BEx front-end to the BusinessObjects toolset, as SAP continues to steer customers in this direction. Xoomworks is a team of certified practitioners on SAP BusinessObjects and HANA, and have excellent and deep rooted connections across SAP.

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Crisis management

Deeply founded in escalation management and SAP MaxAttention premium support customer engagements, our consultants are the perfect fit to steer derailed projects back on track. With more than fifteen years’ experience troubleshooting projects within multinational companies, we’ve seen most issues first hand and know how to deal with them. Xoomworks specialises in reviewing a challenging situation, coming up with a practical plan on how we can fix it, liaising with multiple stakeholders, and then getting the project back on track fast.

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Strategic advice

Xoomworks delivers more than just addressing your immediate business needs. We anticipate your future requirements. We believe data in the right hands can transform businesses and it is our philosophy to provide the best strategic advice to make this happen. Xoomworks will provide you with the big picture of your business objectives and will highlight the environment needed to support it.


At Xoomworks, we start with the end result – what decisions do your end users need to make with your data? What questions do they need to answer? We build and implement your BI solution to ensure you get the information and answers that you need.


SAP BusinessObjects is a truly powerful tool, but to reap the full benefits it needs to be tailored to your own business needs, and these can change over time. Our optimisation solution will help you get the most out of your current SAP BusinessObjects implementation, ensuring that the reports generated present the information that is required, at the time it is required, and that the end users understand how to use the data to make quick, effective decisions.

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As experts in SAP BusinessObjects, Xoomworks know its full potential and we’ll show you how to exploit this, while avoiding the pitfalls. We take time to understand your business needs so that we can translate these needs into the right IT requirements, helping you develop a SAP BusinessObjects roadmap that fits into your existing landscape.

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Post go-live & managed services

Xoomworks will provide the best platform to store and use your information to the best advantage for your business. We will deliver, integrate and then maintain the effective technology platforms for all your business uses. We also deliver change requests or enhancement requests at a reasonable cost nearshore.

Securing the success of your next BI project

The difference between success and failure in a BI project aften comes down to one fundamental area - personnel. The Management information center of Excellence (MICOE) represents the next stage in BI projects. A MICOE give you the best of both worlds - a mixture of internal staff and external BI experts from a range of specialist consultants.

Talk to Xoomworks for guidance and setting up your MICOE to ensure the success of your next BI project.

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Our technologies

We are a Certified SAP Value Added Reseller of the SAP BI Software Suite.

SAP – a powerful and
proven BI toolset

As an established SAP BI partner, Xoomworks continues to lead the field in terms of BI capability. Business Intelligence is what we do and what we know, and our focus is to ensure customer success with tight alignment to SAP BI strategy.

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What can we do for you?

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+44 (0)20 7400 6120

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