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Video Intro: SAP Design Studio – The Basics

Phil Gevaux

SAP Design Studio is the recommended successor to SAP Dashboards (Xcelsius) when fully bespoke BI applications are required.

Unlike Xcelsius, SAP Design Studio was created as a developer tool.  Specifically, a JavaScript and CSS developer tool, as these skills are used to power most web pages and are widely available in the current job market.

Key benefits of SAP Design Studio:

•    Intuitive “WYSIWYG” development environment
•    Optimised output for WEB and mobile devices
•    Rapid deployment on iPad via QR code
•    Powerful script editor
•    Integration with SAP Life Cycle Management and authorisation concept
•    Supports SAP BW & HANA-specific services
•    Operation compatible with BEx Queries, InfoCubes and HANA views
•    SDK to create your own components
•    HTML5 UI technology, unlike its predecessor, which means it will work on any device.

SAP Design Studio has opened up more options for customisation and scalability, but unfortunately, a significant number of Xcelsius dashboard creators, who are not developers, found it rather difficult to adopt the new tool.

Xcelsius was much appreciated by many in its day, but it struggled with the growing volumes of data, and even more critically could not work on an iPad due to the underlying Adobe Flash technology.

The beauty of Xcelsius was that you didn’t have to be a developer to create powerful dashboards – anyone with some Excel skills could learn how to use it.  SAP Lumira was designed to meet the needs of this market. However, many still do not consider SAP Lumira to be a dashboard solution, but merely a fancy infographic analyst tool that doesn’t quite meet the bespoke dashboard requirements that companies demand.

This video aims to take Xcelsius creators on the very first steps in SAP Design Studio and show that it isn’t as scary as it first seems.  It covers the very basics of creating a first BI application and introduces the first few lines of coding, which are much simpler that expected.

Don’t hesitate to drop us a line for your SAP questions and anything BI.

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