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Lumira 1.31: paving the way for further BI platform integration

Yasmina Couty

Lumira 1.31 is on its way towards achieving complete integration with the Business Intelligence platform

SAP has released version 1.31 of Business Objects Lumira. The new version features many new capabilities including connecting with SAP HANA to create Lumira documents via the BI Launchpad and consuming offline stories on Mobile BI. SAP’s current roadmap simplifies and integrates their BI Portfolio to four primary tools. Lumira 1.31 is part of their roadmap to release Lumira 2.0 planned for 2017 that will integrate Lumira and Design Studio to offer business users and IT one tool to create BI content.

SAP sees this integration of Lumira and Design Studio closing the gap between business and IT and meeting the needs of both in one tool. Stories created by business users can become professional authored enterprise dashboards and analytic applications.

SAP sees a historical gap between Business Users requiring speed and agility and IT concentrating on governance, security, and scalability. SAP BO Lumira 2.0 will maintain two desktop clients (Lumira Desktop and Design Studio) using one server. Documents from both sides will be accessible from either side.

SAP’s proposed high-level architecture for Lumira 2.x with two clients on a common technology stack:



Looking at Lumira historically, at Xoomworks BI some of our ex-SAP team were part of a workshop led by their Product Group launching a data discovery tool. The tool was to offer non-BI Platform users a means to interact and discover trends quickly and easily mainly within HANA data. We have seen Lumira integrate progressively within the Business Objects platform, and adopt greater predictive characteristics following SAP’s acquisition of KXEN and their solution InfiniteInsight.

The current SAP Roadmap

SAP’s roadmap plans to have four primary tools:

  • SAP BO Lumira with Design Studio (to be renamed Desktop and Studio respectively) for data discovery and analytics applications.
  • SAP BO Analysis for Office for analytics based on Excel
  • SAP BO Web Intelligence for self-service reporting
  • SAP Crystal Reports for the highly formatted reporting

SAP BO Lumira 2.0 integrating Lumira Desktop and Design Studio aims to honour SAP’s key concepts of agility, flexibility, simplification, collective insights, interoperability, and extensibility. Lumira will continue to offer capabilities to acquire data from multiple SAP and non-SAP sources to transform the data into valuable stories, and combine that with the ability to design professional applications offered by Design Studio.

Lumira 1.31 offerings

Lumira 1.31 as part of SAP’s roadmap towards Lumira 2.0 and BI platform integration has the following features:

  • Creation of Lumira documents against SAP HANA Views via the BI Launchpad.
  • Consumption of online and offline consumption of SAP HANA managed connections from SAP BI Platform.
  • Acquisition of data from SAP S/4 HANA performed via SAP BW Analytic Engine with transient SAP BEx Queries.
  • Ability to override SAP BW safety belt from Lumira Desktop enhancing SAP BW data access.
  • Consumption of stories offline on Mobile BI, iOS native rendering, device gesture support, and the ability to filter and drill through stories.
  • Creation of user-defined colour palettes, for categorical or quantitative purposes for example.
  • Extended support for scheduling and OpenDocument.
  • Extended support for platforms for Enterprise readiness.

Supported operating systems see the addition of Red Hat and SUSE:


Supported application servers see the introduction of WebSphere and Weblogic on UNIX and Jboss, as a logical alignment with the rest of the Business Intelligence platform:


At Xoomworks BI with so many of our team of ex-BusinessObjects and ex-SAP having been involved with the story of Lumira, we see this new release and further progression of Lumira 1.31 towards Lumira 2.0 as a positive step for business and the user. Story designers and technical implementors, Business and IT will benefit from this scaling up of Lumira to an on-premise, enterprise-grade, data discovery and analysis solution.

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