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The transcript is ready: How to Properly Maintain and Secure Complex, Shared Landscapes

Nicolas Henry

The transcript of our recent SAPInsider session with Marco Draghi is now available

Optimizing BI Administration in SAP Environments: Live Q&A on How to Properly Maintain and Secure Complex, Shared Landscapes

Business intelligence (BI) is the lifeblood of data-driven organizations, enabling you to turn the data in your SAP systems into actionable information that drives better decision-making, uncovers opportunity, and improves efficiency. The modern BI landscape is an increasingly complex one, however, with trends such as big data, the cloud, and the Internet of Things dramatically changing the type, volume, and interaction of data and systems in play. Properly managing this complexity is critical, particularly with systems that constantly produce new content or serve as shared platforms for multiple projects.

Join this live chat with Marco Draghi, Principal Consultant at Xoomworks, and learn techniques for the optimal maintenance of SAP systems in a changing, complex BI environment, including how to clean up users and unused content to avoid wasted licenses and use meaningful metrics to minimize uncontrolled growth and keep system performances at its best. You will get answers to your most pressing questions about BI administration, including when and where to tune the different parts of a distributed and dynamically changing landscape, best practices for setting up a security model in a shared landscape when multiple projects are running on the same system, and more, such as:

  • What are the possible variables that can impact the performance of my BI landscape?
  • What can you do to secure the traffic of sensible data and the access to the BI system?
  • What can you do to monitor and set alerts for your landscapes in order to proactively understand when/where and how to scale the different components of a distributed BI landscape?
  • What are the type of information/requirements needed from any project which wants to onboard on a BI shared service to be sure it won’t impact other concurrent and already running projects?
  • How do you define the structure of the security model to be flexible, scalable, that can fit any possible security requirements which can dynamically change without having an adverse impact on end-user performances and without the need to review it from scratch?
  • What sort of tests can be done for new projects before they’ll be promoted to run on a production system where there’re already many other concurrent projects, and making sure it won’t cause instabilities, overloads, etc?
  • What are the best practices to follow to make sure that any possible BI content generated won’t be the root cause of a system instability which can impact other concurrent running projects on a BI shared service? 

For any question regarding this SAPInsider session or anything BI please drop us a line.

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