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Play Data: Could number crunching make you a better parent?

Nicolas Henry

It is easy to lose sight of how much data influences our lives. Many of the decisions we think we made ourselves actually come to us partially formulated. From the charities we’re asked to support to the products we buy online, there’s always an element of data-led intelligence behind those journeys. The days of the cold lead are gone.


As a society, we’re very comfortable letting data suggest our movies. We even use it to help us select a romantic partner via dating websites. We value the assistance.

Yes, it’s easy to be creeped out by hyper-relevant retargeting adverts (the first time at least), but if everything we saw online, on TV or on our smartphones was arbitrarily plucked out of the sky, we’d soon be exhausted by the sheer irrelevance of it all




So when it comes to those big life decisions, there’s a growing trend towards handing over the keys to the people with the data. Be that in health, romance, investing and even parenting.

A recent study of 1,000 UK adults conducted by Xoomworks found that one-third of parents would use data to make key parenting decisions.

The parents said they’d use productivity data for a variety of parenting applications, from using voice analytics to improve speech development to using wearable tech to keep their kids fit and healthy.

10 per cent of parents said they’d also use demographic data to help them select their children’s friends. Presumably using crime stats by area would be a good way to prevent your child visiting friends in crime hotspots, but it could never replace common sense parenting. And there are big questions around ethics and effectiveness in this regard.

But the key point is that parents are open to it.


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