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Getting the best out of Business Intelligence

Xoomworks makes SAP BusinessObjects™ fly for a major petro-chemical company

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  • Confidence in the technical ability of the implementation partner
  • Very strong links with SAP for resolving issues
  • BusinessObjects™ gives one place for all business intelligence content
  • Significant cost savings and system improvements
  • Successful completion of 15-20 upgrades
  • 103 data sources connected into a single business intelligence platform
  • Ongoing performance optimisation for enhanced user response times.

The start of a close partnership:

The petro-chemical company was looking for the best long term solution for their business intelligence and reporting needs. In 2008 when SAP acquired BusinessObjects™ they recognised that this offered them what they needed. However, because of the vast scale of their operations, and the initial work needed by SAP to ensure their systems properly integrated with BusinessObjects™, the company decided to bring in additional expertise.

“We realised BusinessObjects™ was the way forward for us, but the integration between SAP and BusinessObjects™ had its problems. SAP sent one of their integration experts to work with us, and that was Nicolas Henry,” explains the Solution Delivery Manager. A few weeks into the project Henry joined Xoomworks a technology and consulting company that specialises in business intelligence, transformation and technology adoption.

“We knew what Nic could do and we trusted him,” says the Solution Delivery Manager, “and so we stayed with him when he moved.”

Xoomworks’ client is a major petro-chemical company, based in Europe and operating across 70 countries. With over 90,000 staff and an annual revenue in excess of $400 billion, they need to get the utmost out of the company’s business data for making critical business decisions and reporting.


Reporting information into one platform:

Initially Xoomworks focused on getting BusinessObjects™ up and running correctly within the organisation. “At first it was a fire fighting mission. Now we’re more proactively managing the BusinessObjects™ environment. We’re really pushing these technologies to the edge,” explains the Solution Delivery Manager.

In the last five years Xoomworks has helped the company with 15 – 20 upgrades on the BusinessObjects™ environment, as well as
technical installations, investigations, and driving the conversations with SAP for inclusions, recommendations and fixes. The bulk of the work Xoomworks does is on the platform, although it has also helped with building content, such as dashboards and reports. Xoomworks also successfully designed and implemented a streamlined and easily maintained security model including SAP BW, Active Directory and SAP HANA authentication.

The Solution Delivery Manager explains what they have achieved together: “We wanted one place for all our business intelligence content and, with Xoomworks’ help, we have got that. We have 103 data sources connected into a single business intelligence environment, with data coming from: SAP, SAP Business Warehouse, Health and Safety sources, HR, supply chain material management sources, production volumetric systems, and beyond. We are the only company in the world that has achieved having a single unified BusinessObjects™ platform that we run all our content on. The scale is enormous and so are the management benefits.”

“Having the strong technical capability of Xoomworks behind us has enabled us to prove what BusinessObjects™ can achieve, and that’s how we’ve managed to build up and maintain a single platform concept for all our management information.”

The Solution Delivery Manager for a major petro-chemical  company.

A win-win relationship:

Over the years the company has developed a close working relationship with Xoomworks, based on professionalism and trust. “These guys have very extensive experience. They are the best in the industry and have that deep expertise of how to get the most out of BusinessObjects™. We push them to the limits because of the scale of what we are doing and the complexity, but we know we can trust Xoomworks to make it work. That’s why we’ve had such a positive long term relationship with them.”

Xoomworks brings to their client unparalleled expertise and practical know how, along with their genuine desire to help all their clients get the very best out of their data.

In return, their client offers a very challenging environment, pushing BusinessObjects™ to the very limit, due to the scale and the complexity of their operations. It is an exciting place to be. Both partners have benefited and the relationship has become one based on proven achievement and trust.

“I’d certainly recommend them. Particularly for getting things set up and configured correctly in the first place. They are also excellent with performance optimisation and for sorting out problems – doing investigations and trouble shooting. They are the deep specialists you want. For us they are our trusted technical experts, meeting deadlines and making things happen when everything is stacked against them.”


The Benefits:

Confidence in the technical ability of their implementation partner:
“These guys are the experts on BusinessObjects™. I know I’ve got that technical prowess behind me, and if we do hit problems then I know Xoomworks can make it work.”

Xoomworks has very strong links with SAP:
This has been extremely valuable to overcome issues and to arrange SAP fixes where needed. “Many of the Xoomworks guys used to work at SAP so when official channels don’t work they always manage to find the right person. Those networks and personal connections are very important.”

One place for all their business intelligence content: There are 103 data sources connecting into a single business intelligence environment, giving one platform for all their critical content. This brings visibility across the organisation, along with management and reporting efficiencies.

Significant cost savings from having a single business intelligence platform: It is more cost effective to have a single business intelligence platform, and to maximize the usage of that platform, than to operate many different systems, each with their own maintenance, upgrade and support
systems. “For example, the incremental cost to bring one of those 103 sources onto this platform was $8500 pa. To do that separately: infrastructure, people to manage the application, and support that platform, the cost was $180,000 pa. And that was just one project,” the Solution Delivery Manager explains.

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Partnering with Xoomworks

SAP Partner

Xoomworks BI are a global leader in Business Intelligence solutions and services, supporting large enterprises and SMBs alike. We have over ten years experience in SAP BusinessObject™, SAP HANA, and many other SAP and BI solutions. More than 70% of our technical consultants have previously worked at SAP holding senior positions.

Our core competencies are implementations, integrations, migrations and optimisations, post go-live and managed services, crisis management, knowledge transfer, cloud BI and, of course, strategic advice.

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