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Taking solutions to the next level with SAP BusinessObjects™

Xoomworks equips a global risk management organisation to deliver and maintain SAP BusinessObjects™ as a key component of their product.

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  • Neural Technologies equipped to incorporate a powerful SAP module as part of their market leading risk management solution
  • High quality training sessions and extensive follow-up
  • Full depth of Xoomworks’ unparalleled SAP expertise made available to Neural Technologies
  • Full Engagement with Neural Technologies’ ethos and goals
  • Neural Technologies empowered to provide long term implementation and support
  • Groundwork laid for incorporating further modules from the SAP BI suite


Neural Technologies
A leading Risk Management Organisation:

Neural Technologies provide best-in-class risk management solutions to a series of global companies. These solutions provide protection in a wide range of areas, managing fraud, credit, application, collections and revenue assurance risks by employing dynamic and ongoing risk assessment.

Their award winning solutions provide protection for one in seven of the world’s mobile phone subscribers and analyse billions of records on a daily basis.


Changes and challenges – A new service:

Neural Technologies has incorporated revenue assurance into their core product. ‘Nt has expanded the scope of the Risk Management to include Revenue Assurance to ensure that all revenue generated by customers and partner organisations is correctly billed or accounted for” explains Raf Wane, Chief Technology Officer at Neural Technologies.

Revenue Assurance is a method of protecting an organisation’s revenue streams by comparing and analysing changes in the data generated by services. Raf clarifies: “In revenue assurance you are looking for anomalies in data – so a change in the use of a service, or discrepancies between the same data in different systems which could be volume or content related.’
Neural Technology’s own solution is designed to monitor these differences in data and create an alert whenever trends deviate by a significant level.

However, in order for this alert to be useful to the analysts using the solution, they needed a tool that enabled them to home in on the changes and discern the causes behind the shift. “Our application raises the alert, and then the analysts see the alarm and realise that there is something that needs their attention,” elaborates Raf. “They then need to drill down into that data and obtain meaningful causation information.’

Neural Technology’s researched across the marketplace to find a cutting-edge and best of breed analytical module to integrate into their product.


Introducing SAP BusinessObjects™ AOLAP:

SAP BusinessObjects™ OLAP Analysis tool offered a powerful and accessible solution. This tool reports on OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) cubes, creating powerful visualisations of three or more dimensions of data.

“By combining and comparing multiple dimensions of data in OLAP cubes, analysts are able to drill down into the data and clearly discern the causes behind the changes that were originally reported by the NT solution,” Raf explains.

This root-cause analysis enables them to understand the significance of the alert and act appropriately, protecting and developing their services.


The need for SAP expertise:

Because of the newness of this SAP module, Neural Technologies decided to seek the partnership of an experienced SAP consultant to provide the requisite training.“The training we needed was internal,” clarified Raf. “We needed our personnel to be able to implement, support and maintain the product.”


Above and Beyond:

Many companies leave the maintenance and support of their embedded modules to SAP, redirecting questions about the tool to them. However, as Neural Technology offered the module as part of their solution, they felt that they should fully understand and support all the issues that the user might encounter in the long term use of this module as an integral part of their product.

“We were integrating the SAP module into our product and we needed to speak for our product and help the customer through any issues they encountered while using it. We felt that we needed a level of understanding of operator tasks and workflow, so that we could recognise the issues they
encountered and respond rapidly.” Raf said.

In order to reach this level of expertise with the module, Neural Technologies would need an SAP consultancy with both an excellent knowledge of the
module, as well as a willingness to fully engage with the product as a whole in order to understand the issues that might occur when using it.


Finding Xoomworks:

“Neural Technologies identified Xoomworks following a recommendation from SAP, as well as their own research,” says Raf.

It is testament to Xoomwork’s market leading SAP BI expertise; they stood out among the multiple providers that Neural Technology considered. “We
were impressed by the way they really came across as possessing deep SAP expertise. Lots of Xoomworks personnel are ex-SAP and that’s a great advantage, as SAP expertise is at the core of their service.”


The training:

Once Xoomworks had been contracted, one of their many experienced consultants prepared and provided the training. “Their consultants were very
diligent, spending a lot of time working on the material for the training so that they were very well prepared for the sessions,” recalls Raf.

In addition to the quality of the training sessions, Xoomworks embraced Neural Technology’s goal of fully understanding any issues that operators might encounter when using the module. Raf explains, “There were bound to be questions and issues beyond the normal training that came up in the
sessions and Xoomworks were very good at tracking these and making sure that the answers came back to the team.”


Working with Xoomworks

Xoomworks was notable for their dedication to understanding Neural Technology’s product, processes and goals and incorporating this into their training. “The first thing they did was try to understand what we did and what kind of training we needed internally as well as what the solution was actually destined to do,” says Raf.



Because of the high quality of the training and their investment in understanding the project, Neural Technologies wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Xoomworks. “If a customer came to us looking for training and asking for recommendations, then we would absolutely recommend Xoomworks to provide that training,” confirms Raf.


Extending the Partnership:

Indeed, Neural Technology is already thinking of extending the partnership between the two companies. “I would certainly expect us to require further training from Xoomworks. The software we licence from Xoomworks, SAP BI edge, is a big suite of products, and we are likely to expand from just the AOLAP reporting into other areas.”



Ultimately, the training provided by Xoomworks was a key factor in the success of the extension of Neural Technology’s key product, enabling it to become the market leading solution it is today. Because of the expertise and diligence of the trainers, Neural Technology personnel were able to gain a
full understanding of the issues that might arise in the day-to-day operation of their product and are now in a position to provide swift and prompt responses to customers. The product can now be implemented and maintained smoothly, allowing the cutting edge nature of the module and the Neural Technologies solution to shine through.

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Partnering with Xoomworks

SAP Partner

Xoomworks BI are a global leader in Business Intelligence solutions and services, supporting large enterprises and SMBs alike. We have over ten years experience in SAP BusinessObject™, SAP HANA, and many other SAP and BI solutions. More than 70% of our technical consultants have previously worked at SAP holding senior positions.

Our core competencies are implementations, integrations, migrations and optimisations, post go-live and managed services, crisis management, knowledge transfer, cloud BI and, of course, strategic advice.

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