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SAP Predictive Analytics – Reasons to be thrilled

Yasmina Couty

The SAP Predictive Analytics Suite fulfills the demand for a Business Intelligence solution to offer insights into likely future events.

SAP Predictive Analytics

At Xoomworks BI our practical experience of SAP Business Objects is always growing, encompassing SAP’s new contender in the field of statistical analysis tools with the emphasis on accessibility for all users.

The Predictive Analytics Suite removes the need for additional investment in complex predictive tools, outsourcing, or relying on third-party data scientists.

The next generation of self-service analytics – Highlights

Decision making based on modelling future events and outcomes, historical data-based trends, and causal relationships.

SAP Predictive Analytics can analyse data from SAP and non-SAP data sources, supporting an array of predictive algorithms, built in from the standard for predictive analysis; SAP HANA and Open R.

The solution presents a user-friendly and intuitive interface for the non-data scientist among us, removing the requirement for expert knowledge of specialised statistical programs.

The package includes advanced data visualisation and functions to build extensions and powerful re-usable models. Derived from SAP Lumira, R programming language and runtime environment (Expert Analytics), the built-in modelling engine (Automated Analytics), and from SAP HANA Predictive Analysis Library. The entire suite is optimised for use with SAP HANA.

The main predictive analysis cases commonly applied:

  • Reduction and detection of customer churn
  • Showing predictive cause and effect
  • Increasing net customer value
  • Recommending products and services
  • Detecting and reducing fraud
  • Optimising operations

SAP Predictive Analytics Suite uses a straightforward procedure to generate predictive insights, with just a few clicks you can:

  • Select an appropriate modelling tool
  • Perform exploratory data analysis and investigate the available data
  • Develop the model by selecting a predictive algorithm and predictor variables model, and evaluate the model fit and accuracy.
  • Implement the selected model
  • Maintain and update the model as required

The suite generates a return on investment with minimal outlay, other benefits of SAP Predictive Analytics are:

  • Making predictions quickly and accurately
  • Spotting real-time prospects and opportunities
  • Boosting the confidence level in decision-making

Key features of SAP Predictive Analytics suite – A summary of the main features available in the standalone deployment of SAP Predictive Analysis.

Automated Analytics Expert Analytics
Data Preparation x x
Visualisation x x
Scoring x
Social x
Model Management x x
Connectors x x
SAP® HANA™ Predictive Library x x
R scripts x

Seeing it in Practice

The video below demonstrates the creation of a simple model using Automated Analytics from the SAP® Predictive Analysis™ suite, within the context of analysing current data evaluating the success a marketing promotion, so that the likelihood of a future campaign attracting prospects can be predicted.

To learn more about how our solutions and services can work for you please visit the BusnessObjects solution page or drop us a line.

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