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Location analytics in SAP Lumira: Geospatial analysis and visualisations

Yasmina Couty

Location analytics in SAP Lumira

Location analytics in SAP Lumira  Geospatial analysis and visualisations

Geospatial analysis and visualisations reveal further insights

SAP Lumira has always offered sophisticated geographic charts, augmenting the analytical power of data discovery. Analysing the complex relationships between data and location is a growing factor in the decision making process.

Mapping data sets and processing using geospatial analysis is presenting trends and analysis on top of the information garnered from other forms of data analysis. These attributes are especially useful when analysing location-based services and assets.

The embedded NavTech engine presents the following chart types:

  • Geo Bubble Chart, illustrating the values of data within a three series chart.
  • Geo Chloropeth Chart, showing the values as a proportion of a variable.
  • Geo Pie Chart, showing differences between groups based on a variable.
  • All the chart types include trellis features for rows and columns, enabling the division of visualisations into multiple charts for each member in a particular dimension.

Mapping capabilities from an online geographical database, using a secure and scalable software as a service platform, adds to the geospatial capabilities and the user experience. Leveraged from the integration of ESRI ArcGIS.

These base maps provide marker types as follows: Choropleth, bubble, clustering, satellite, topographic, street and grey views, as well as multiple layers.

Also, the capability exists to animate the movement of data in the geographic charts. Along with carrying out the standard actions of sorting, drilling, filtering, conditional formatting, and exporting data on the fly. The feature-rich toolset is designed to make the creation of compelling visual stories accessible to all departments within an organisation.

The geographic tools within SAP Lumira provide a complete functionality to add the geographic perspective, to create powerful visualisations and fast insights.

The awareness of the utility of geography in data analysis and data presentation is growing. All sizes and scales of business can benefit from its influence in decision making.

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