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SAP BI Mobile Purchase-to-Pay Dashboards

Nicolas Henry

SAP BI Mobile Purchase-to-Pay Dashboards:

SAP BI Mobile Purchase-to-Pay Dashboards

How to maximise your purchase-to-pay performance

Xoomworks BI can identify, and help you achieve your procurement goals

A cost efficient procurement operation is a significant factor in the overall performance of many businesses. An intelligent Purchase-to-Pay dashboard produces fast, and valuable insights into an organisation’s procurement processes and functions. The actionable data enables the user to:

  • Improve on-time payments and discounts
  • Determine strategic procurement goals
  • Maintain adherence to business processes.
  • Proactively adjust procurement processes.
  • Achieve a 30% reduction in transactional costs on average, and a 25% lower spend on procurement operations.

Xoomworks BI helped one of the only two organisations in the United Kingdom to achieve “World-Class” status in their procurement processes (as defined by The Hackett Group.) This experience in procurement is combined with our authoritative expertise of the entire SAP BusinessObjects product suite.

Xoomworks Bi Purchase-to-Pay dashboard is designed by experienced and senior procurement consultants, Business Intelligence specialists, and ex-industry heads of procurement.

Our KPIs and measures were developed over ten years of procurement transformation programmes and is based on the highest level of benchmarking techniques.

The Benefits:

  • Increase managed spend to over 80%
  • Achieve ten-fold increases in contract compliance
  • Improve on-time payments and benefit from early discounts
  • Typically, a 30% reduction in transactional costs
  • Better utilise preferred vendor agreements
  • Understand supply chains in more detail to identify and mitigate risks
  • Spend 25% less on procurement operations than typical companies

A P2P solution offering greater savings, increased compliance and reduced risk.

Our comprehensive Purchase-to-Pay dashboard was designed by experienced senior procurement consultants, ex-industry heads of procurement and business intelligence specialists.

Our KPIs and measures developed over 10 years of Procurement transformation programmes and based on world class benchmarking techniques provide a mechanism for planning and improvement.

Our P2P Dashboard, based on a catalogue of KPIs highlights issues and trends in your procurement operations enabling you to analyse the root causes and pro-actively adjust your processes.

Crucially, Xoomworks BI deals with what to do with the results – how you act on them differentiates world class organisations.


End to end delivery from definition of tailored KPIs through to delivery in SAP® BusinessObjects™

For more information:

Purchase to Pay Performance

For more information and questions please contact us.

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