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A smart way to forecast in SAP Lumira

Yasmina Couty



Forecasting capability in SAP Lumira

Predictive analysis using Lumira

SAP Lumira contains two powerful embedded predictive functions that allow the user to perform forecasting:

SAP Predictive Analytics, and Linear Regression.

The SAP Predictive Analytics forecasting feature, when applied to a time series graph uses a time dimension, and a measure, as its parameters. The algorithm produces the forecasted values based on the user’s requirements. Using this option requires a minimum of 16 data points to generate a meaningful forecast. Even without sufficient data input, the function can fall back on a Triple Exponential Smoothing to produce a lower predictive result.

The Linear Regression function provides a visualised prediction based on the linear trend of the inputted data.

The predictive calculations in Lumira have the added ability to explore the significance each dimension contained in the dataset has on the selected measure used in the prediction.

Useful information for using the predictive function in SAP Lumira

  • Use line charts
  • Use a single time hierarchy dimension, i.e., quarters on the time axis
  • Time hierarchy levels are set from days, months, quarters, or years within Lumira.
  • Both Color and Trellis shelves should have no dimensions present.
  • A minimum of 16 data points should be input for the predictive algorithm to generate a pattern.

Lumira prompts the user to follow the pre-requisites and advice for a significant output.

These predictive features within SAP Lumira enhance the visualisation capability to enable intelligent data-driven decision making.

This short video below shows you how.

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