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Business Intelligence Now – A Status Summary. The White Paper

This summer we circulated our Business Intelligence (BI) Market Trend Survey. To compile it, Xoomworks BI Director Nicolas Henry brought together some of BI’s most influential thought-leaders: Tom Venables of Turnkey Consulting, Mico Yuk of BI Brainz, and David Dadoun.

Over the past view weeks we “leaked” first insights on our blog and announced a detailed white paper.
And here it is with a warm thank you to all of you who participated:
17 pages compiling questions and answers, insights and trends, and comments from all four specialists who prepared the questions you kindly to so much time to answer.

So here’s another teaser for you before you download the white paper:

Executive Summary

  • 90% identify Business Intelligence (BI) as an important investment.
  • Internal Management Reporting and Trend Analysis are the primary uses of BI.
  • BI issues highlight cooperation between CIO and CFO with the advent of self-service technology.
  • Change Management is the pervasive theme amongst the experts preparing questions as the key to the success of a BI project.
  • Performance and Support are important to users, future adoption of faster in-memory technologies is likely.
  • A BI Centre of Excellence (BI COE) identified as vital to the development of a BI platform.
  • Database usage is moving away from traditional relational database systems towards unstructured dynamic noSQL and in memory systems for faster performance.
  • Data security is a high priority though many report an inability to tackle it. Moderating employee behaviour is key.
  • Visualisation is one of many critical factors assessing a BI platform. Change management philosophy is key to creating a Visual Thinking Culture.
  • Data Governance is increasing with the demand for self-service technologies. Experts identify governance as ensuring high-quality data for quality analysis and results, rather than restrictive practices.

To download simply fill in your details. Enjoy the read and feel free to leave your feedback as a comment below.

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