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Extreme crisis situations | Extreme support

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extreme crisis situations


Xoomworks Crisis Management

BI projects are often complex and issues can occur that are beyond the control of internal parties and project teams. If a crisis situation does arise, organisations need to lock it down and find a reliable solution as quickly as possible. Without expert knowledge of the BI landscape, it’s not always that easy.


crisis management cycle


Expertise and experience. The Xoomworks solution

As a separate entity , Xoomworks can act as your independent advisor, with the benefit of having performed many hundreds of crisis management projects across BI projects for over ten years.

The Xoomwork’s support team has historically worked for the SAP MaxAttention support team, addressing crisis situations both on and o f site. Our experience is not just in the technical nature of the project, but also performing crisis management on behalf of our customers. We have the expertise to pull out all the stops and get things done to counteract crisis situations.

Xoomworks gives you peace of mind that when something does go wrong, you have the experts to manage you through extreme support situations.


Our process: Analyse. Understand. Take Action. Deliver

Every scenario is different, but whatever the situation, we will ask the right questions to understand your situation and provide you with the right resolution.

Xoomworks finds resolutions quickly thanks to our strong familiarity with BI projects and our knowledge of what to do with it. Put simply, we can turn a crisis into a success.


The Benefits:

  • Ensuring business continuity; business isn’t interrupted or impacted
  • Speed to resolution; get your project back on track in the quickest, most efficient way
  • Taking control to get the job done; we will stand in as your partner during a crisis to drive focus onto the areas that matter
  • Whatever is broken, we’ll fix it; whether that’s the process, ways of working on the project or we need to drive discussions with a software vendor to get problems solved
  • Practical solutions; we don’t just point out where the problem stems from, we solve it or find workarounds
  • Strong working relationship with SAP; for any detailed product questions, we can get the answers directly from the source

Download PDF (421KB)

Partnering with Xoomworks

SAP Partner

Xoomworks BI are a global leader in Business Intelligence solutions and services, supporting large enterprises and SMBs alike. We have over ten years experience in SAP BusinessObject™, SAP HANA, and many other SAP and BI solutions. More than 70% of our technical consultants have previously worked at SAP holding senior positions.

Our core competencies are implementations, integrations, migrations and optimisations, post go-live and managed services, crisis management, knowledge transfer, cloud BI and, of course, strategic advice.

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