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Xoomworks collaborates intelligently with Yellowfin BI

Streamlining operations management to deliver exceptional customer service

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The challenge – the inefficiencies of data silos:

Xoomworks’ data resided across a number of cloud and on-premise systems. Previously, in order to utilise this information, it had to be manually pulled together, consolidated and then analysed by hand. This process relied on a number of different individuals to work together to provide the data, and then on the knowledge and expertise of the individual compiling and examining it.

Too much time and effort was put into obtaining the information; by the time it had been compiled and issues identified there was less time and inclination to really understand the causes. “Getting data from disparate support functions with separate systems was inefficient. We wanted a tool that would allow us to drill-down and be able to analyse and understand not just what had occurred, but when, where and why,” says Jamie Holmes, Managing Director, Xoomworks Consulting.

“We have four different silos of information. We needed a product that would allow us to extract data from these multiple systems and analyse it in a controlled way. The reporting tool needed to be able to slice and dice, create dynamic reporting and ultimately enable us to make truly informed business decisions. ”

Holmes continues, “I didn’t want any consultant to have to do the hard work of digging around to get the data out of our systems. This should be at their fingertips, and they should all know that the data they see is a subset of what I can see too. Based on their permissions we should both be able to talk about their projects as one version of the truth. When it comes to telling a single story, we knew we needed a single platform to ensure we achieved a shared understanding.”


The solution – Yellowfin:



Xoomworks identified Yellowfin as the perfect solution to meet their challenges and deliver the desired business outcomes. As the “new kid on the block” in the Gartner Quadrant, Yellowfin provides transparency, visibility and tangibility of business intelligence, bringing BI to life.

“The solution is fast, tactical, and makes data visual, reportable, accurate, easy to use across all devices and collaboratively across the entire workforce,” highlights Holmes. “It gives you everything you would expect of a BI tool, but faster and more cost effectively.”


Selecting Yellowfin:

Selecting Yellowfin was easy, as Holmes explains, “For me it had to be a tool that was simple to roll out and easy for our consultants to actually use -both in terms of the reports that had been initially setup and to analyse the data themselves in the future. We wanted a tool that encouraged collaboration, not just looking at the stats, but sharing thoughts on it to help move the business forward and understand what we could do to improve. Yellowfin had much better collaboration tools compared to the competition.”

Yellowfin’s quick and easy-to-use data analysis capabilities and dashboards were welcome features too as Holmes states, “We wanted to be able to create truly interactive presentations. We can now drill down on data on-the-fly to bring the data to life and have a real two way conversation with those we’re presenting to. In addition, the dashboard makes it simple for everyone across the business to understand what is most important in terms of KPIs.


The result:

Streamlining Business Intelligence – “Yellowfin is driving a common set of priorities across the business,” explains Holmes. “Before, different people focused on different things they felt were most important. Yellowfin ensures we’re all focused on what’s important to grow the business.”

Time to analyse and react – “We have more time for collaboration around data; instead of being exhausted by the time we understand what has caused issues, the answers are immediately available. We are able to spend more time and effort addressing the results, rather than obtaining them.”

Reporting with practical outcomes – “The Senior Management team has fully embraced the Yellowfin product and are using it to analyse our project performance against budgets and apply practical corrective actions where necessary.”

Understanding resource allocation – “Yellowfin has allowed us to get a clearer view of our resource allocation moving forward, to help us make better decisions on when we need to recruit more people or utilise our existing resources more efficiently. I’d say we’re getting 10 times more information for 10 times less work. ”

Complete client transparency – And Xoomworks have big future plans for Yellowfin, as highlighted by Holmes “We’re even thinking about rolling some of the reports out to our customers to provide ultimate transparency and ensure our high service standards are maintained.”

Improved decision making and efficiencies – “We’re aiming for 70% of our projects to not require the use of the project contingency because of more efficient management, better transparency and improved decision making. It’s all thanks to the intelligence Yellowfin provides us, and we’re quickly headed in that direction.”

Future proof and flexible “Thanks to the incredibly flexible, scalable nature of the solution we’re confident in Yellowfin’s ability to support us as we expand” explains Holmes.





In summary:

Holmes summarised the real business benefit that Yellowfin has provided, “Our Project Managers are spending much more time doing quality project management, rather than having to scrabble around with data, as Yellowfin does the hard data work for them. They’re now able to spend 100% of their time focusing on project delivery rather than data. This has had a direct impact on client satisfaction.

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Our core competencies are implementations, integrations, migrations and optimisations, post go-live and managed services, crisis management, knowledge transfer, cloud BI and, of course, strategic advice.

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