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What is your strategy to make your SAP® BI solution mobile?

Xoomworks can help you define your mobile BI strategy and select the best mobile BI solution for your organisation

Xoomworks can put you back in control with our SAP BusinessObjects™ optimisation solution
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With many hours spent travelling or meeting clients, do you feel you are empowering your organisation to make critical decisions on the go? The need for up-to-date information 24/7, regardless of physical location is transforming the BI landscape, but how will you define a mobile strategy that maximises your existing SAP® BusinessObjects™ solution?

The BI marketplace is awash with tools that mobilise your data. With many factors to consider, there are often more questions than answers when defining a mobile BI strategy. Will the chosen solution integrate with and leverage your existing BI deployment? How will you meet security requirements? Does your strategy include BYOD or will your organisation provide mobile devices?
The list seems endless…

At Xoomworks, we combine years of practical SAP® BusinessObjects™ experience with a proven tool selection methodology to help you defie your mobile BI strategy. Our consultants work with you to identify your individual requirements and select the best mobile BI solution for your organisation.


Benefits of Mobile BI:

  • Faster decision making
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Reduced sales cycle time span
  • Lower costs and material expenditure
  • Reduced administration task time


XOOMWORKS MOBILE BI SCORECARD: Defining your mobile BI strategy to maximise your SAP® BusinessObjects™ solution

Xoomworks’ unique Mobile BI Scorecard allows our customers to perform a comprehensive solution comparison by evaluating the various options available. This offering enables you to not only accelerate requirements gathering and appropriate tool selection but also reduces the risk of project failure. Our extensive partner network will enable you to validate the chosen solution against your requirements, ensuring a seamless transition from the office workspace to mobile BI.


Xoomworks proven scorecard approach:

  • Designed to fast-track your mobile BI implementation – typically spread over three to four weeks
  • Our experienced certified consultants will lead you through a collaborative process to align your business case and gather the specific requirements of all your stakeholders
  • Compare available mobile BI technologies against your specific business needs.
  • With a deep understanding of the entire SAP® Business Objects™ product suite, our consultants will facilitate POCs for each recommended solution
  • Define a mobile BI strategy that empowers your workforce to make critical decisions on the go


XOOMWORKS Mobile BI Scorecard Deliverables:

  • Xoomworks Mobile BI Scorecard will deliver all the essential documentation required to define a clear mobile BI implementation strategy
  • You will receive a clear, consistent, and verifiable requirements document
  • A complete Mobile BI Scorecard will detail each solution’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as fully functional POC deployments
  • We will enable you to present your findings to stakeholders and provide a clear road-map for mobilising your data

Download PDF (775 kb)

Partnering with Xoomworks

SAP Partner

Xoomworks BI are a global leader in Business Intelligence solutions and services, supporting large enterprises and SMBs alike. We have over ten years experience in SAP BusinessObject™, SAP HANA, and many other SAP and BI solutions. More than 70% of our technical consultants have previously worked at SAP holding senior positions.

Our core competencies are implementations, integrations, migrations and optimisations, post go-live and managed services, crisis management, knowledge transfer, cloud BI and, of course, strategic advice.

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