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SAP BusinessObjects™ Optimisation

Unleashing the power of your business data.

Xoomworks can put you back in control with our SAP BusinessObjects™ optimisation solution
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What do you want your SAP Business Intelligence system to give you?

You know the value of your data. You want to empower your people with easy access to the business intelligence and data exploration tools they need to make faster, more informed decisions. You may have already invested in SAP Business Intelligence tools. So what’s stopping you? Perhaps there are performance issues with reporting. Maybe the system is slow, unpopular with users or you have concerns around the security setup.


Welcome to the SAP BusinessObjects experts – Xoomworks

SAP BusinessObjects™ is a truly powerful tool, but to reap the full benefits it needs to be tailored to your own business needs, and these can change over time. This is where Xoomworks can help. We are the experts in SAP BusinessObjects™ and our raison d’etre is to help make
your data fl, giving you real business advantage.

Our optimisation solution will help you get the most out of your current SAP BusinessObjects™ implementation, ensuring that the reports generated present the information that is required, at the time it is required, and that the end users understand how to use the data to make quick, effective decisions.



  • Xoomworks has a proven track record helping major companies solve their business intelligence issues
  • We are the experts in SAP BusinessObjects™
  • Our Optimisation Solution covers both technology and end user behaviours to ensure you get the most out of BusinessObjects™
  • We will implement SAP BusinessObjects™ security across your enterprise


“Having the strong technical capability of Xoomworks behind us has enabled us to prove what BusinessObjects™ can achieve, and that’s how we’ve managed to build up and maintain a single platform concept for all our management information.”

The Solution Delivery Manager for a major petro-chemical company.


Identifying your SAP BusinessObjects™ needs, and then surpassing them:

As a minimum, SAP BusinessObjects™ should give you:

  • The right information at the figertips of every user, and
  • The right system that all users understand and embrace, so that every user is acting on timely information that is relevant to them, guides their decisions, and informs them of deviations from expectations.

By working with Xoomworks, we will ensure you achieve your vision for business intelligence; not just the technology but also the user behaviours. We have detailed technical knowledge of the solution and the implementation process. Coupled with this we have extensive experience of putting it into practise through cultural and behaviour change, by working with end users and creating an action-orientated culture for businesses. We will put the tools, actions, training and processes in place within your organisation to ensure you make the most of the information at your fingertips.

XW discovery


The process

We will

  • Work with stakeholders to prioritise areas to focus on.
  • Use a requirements capture model that allows us to explore what you need from BI as quickly and thoroughly as possible
  • Look at your reports and make them run more effiently.
  • Capture your security requirements.
  • Optimise SAP BusinessObjects™ security across your enterprise.
  • Take technical data and translate it into a language that end users can work with and understand.


The benefits

  • Your SAP Business Intelligence system will be fully optimised to give you real power from your data.
  • Issues with your current system will be investigated and solved.
  • We will ensure that your tools and processes are working smoothly and effectively.
  • Working with end-users we will ensure that your reports and management information empower your people.
  • As the SAP BusinessObjects™ experts we can provide insights to give you competitive advantage.

Download PDF (1 MB)

Partnering with Xoomworks

SAP Partner

Xoomworks BI are a global leader in Business Intelligence solutions and services, supporting large enterprises and SMBs alike. We have over ten years experience in SAP BusinessObject™, SAP HANA, and many other SAP and BI solutions. More than 70% of our technical consultants have previously worked at SAP holding senior positions.

Our core competencies are implementations, integrations, migrations and optimisations, post go-live and managed services, crisis management, knowledge transfer, cloud BI and, of course, strategic advice.

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