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Delivering a single point of accountability for SAP and BusinessObjects™ Security

Experts in Security for SAP and SAP BusinessObjects™ provide end-to-end Security

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How secure is your data?

Your data is one of your biggest assets, so you know how vital it is that you’re aware of the risks and know how to mitigate them. But how much confidence do you have that all the individual security elements across your systems are working seamlessly together?


Security risks are on the increase:

  • External hacking of SAP applications is increasing, causing concern about security vulnerabilities outside of the traditional application controls. Did you know that 99% of SAP systems can be hacked?
  • The multiple touch-points into your system, as staff business partners and customers access services through mobile devices, increases the number and complexity of access points to your SAP environment, and with it your security risk.
  • The increase in take-up of HANA is positive but many organisations lack the technical skills to properly secure it.
  • Teams and products are often arranged in silos, but the security systems need to work across all of these to prevent gaps in security occurring.

These security challenges have resulted in a trend by businesses to tackle security from a more end-to-end perspective.


Xoomworks and Turnkey Consulting – the perfect blend.

Xoomworks has partnered with Turnkey Consulting to provide the complete end-to-end security solution. The most effective security approach is one that manages security risks across not only your SAP application but also the technology, data, processes and people that support and interact with it.

Xoomworks has extensive experience in implementing and migrating security models for SAP BusinessObjects™ and with our partner, Turnkey Consulting, we will provide an end-to-end security solution that ensures our clients get the right skills at the right time, and save time and money in the long term.4

Together we can provide a single point of accountability for SAP and BusinessObjects™ security.



  • Access Xoomworks and our SAP security specialist in one go
  • Safeguard your critical data and fulfil your duty of care
  • Provide a platform for ease of maintenance and expansion
  • Reduce the costs of disparate and inefficient security models
  • Future-proof with the ability to migrate from previous
  • BusinessObjects™ releases to SAP BI4


“As the experts in SAP BusinessObjects, Xoomworks have teamed up with SAP Security and GRC specialists – Turnkey Consulting – to offer a truly comprehensive SAP security solution.”


The Xoomworks Solution – End to end security:

Our approach is to look at all aspects of security and controls that are needed to have a secure SAP environment. This involves hardening the SAP application itself as well as reviewing and coordinating IT security activities around the periphery of SAP, such as BusinessObjects™, HANA, web interface and the database.

Preventing external and internal threats:

We will review existing IT security activities within the organisation, and optimise them. We’ll also review external entry points to the SAP environment (BYOD, web access) and secure the system from those threats right down to the BusinessObjects™ and database level.

Extensive experience implementing security models for:

SAP BusinessObjects™: Our consultants follow best practise to design and build security models that meet your current requirements while providing the flexibility to evolve.

Migration with security in mind: We are ideally positioned to migrate your legacy BusinessObjects™ security to BO4, having pioneered the migration of one of the largest SAP BusinessObjects™ global enterprise platforms. Our comprehensive security gap analysis methodology will significantly accelerate your migration process.


Unrivaled track record:

We have extensive experience working with global blue chip organisations.



  • Simpler to support your overall security requirements for SAP and BusinessObjects™
  • Achieve your SAP security strategy through one supplier
  • Mitigate against potential risks and costs by preventing hacking of your system
  • Give confidence to key stakeholders who are aware of external vulnerabilities
  • Decrease time and costs – review overall security strategy up front


Download PDF (645KB)

Partnering with Xoomworks

SAP Partner

Xoomworks BI are a global leader in Business Intelligence solutions and services, supporting large enterprises and SMBs alike. We have over ten years experience in SAP BusinessObject™, SAP HANA, and many other SAP and BI solutions. More than 70% of our technical consultants have previously worked at SAP holding senior positions.

Our core competencies are implementations, integrations, migrations and optimisations, post go-live and managed services, crisis management, knowledge transfer, cloud BI and, of course, strategic advice.

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