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SAP Insider: Q&A on End-to-End Analysis of SAP BusinessObjects BI Performance

Nicolas Henry


When you are not getting optimal performance from your BI reports and dashboards, what’s your next step?

Click HERE to join our one-hour Q&A Tuesday, November 25th at 11am ET for practical steps for analyzing and troubleshooting performance issues in your SAP BusinessObjects BI reporting.

Ask Xoomworks’ BI expert and consultant Johann Kottas your questions on end-to-end analysis of reporting performance at any processing layer for various SAP BI tools, including WebI, Design Studio, Crystal, or Analysis, whether you are working with BW, SAP HANA, or other data sources. Post your questions on report performance at any time, including:

  • When are slowdowns the result of content design, server resources, or configuration?
  • What tools can track performance and support end-to-end analysis, from the browser to the server and back?
  • Do we need to set up monitoring agents to track user activity on SAP BusinessObjects Explorer servers and backend database operations?
  • Can we analyze a particular user without too much overhead on other server activities?
  • Is end-to-end analysis a joint exercise across multiple groups – the hosting provider, BusinessObjects admin support, and SAP BW/HANA database support?
  • How do we link SAP BusinessObjects and backend databases such as BW for a full overview of performance?

Then join us on the 25th November (11am ET) to follow all the discussion in our hour-long online chat with BI expert Johann Kottas.


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