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Xoomworks launches it’s Purchase to Pay Mobile BI Dashboard.

Nicolas Henry

How will you maximise your Purchase-to-Pay performance?

An efficient procurement organisation is vital for any business. You can significantly reduce costs and boost profitability by not only measuring the performance of your procurement operations but also deriving actionable information. A quality P2P Dashboard will enable delivery of strategic procurement goals and adherence to business process.

Xoomworks is ideally positioned to deliver fast insight into your procurement processes and functions. Having helped one of only two organisations in the UK to reach “World Class” status in their procurement processes (as defined by The Hackett Group), we combine our vast procurement expertise with profound knowledge and deep understanding of the entire SAP® BusinessObjects™ product suite.

Watch a quick Demo:  P2P Mobile BI Dashboard

Download the PDF Service Offering: XW-P2P-Value-Proposition

If this sounds like you, perhaps you will like to talk directly to our Head of Business Intelligence, Nicolas Henry, so we can better understand what your biggest pain points are and how Xoomworks can help. Our seasoned SAP BusinessObjects experts live and breathe BI.

Contact: Nicolas.Henry@xoomworks.com

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