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When did your SAP BI solution have its last MOT check?

Nicolas Henry

So you’re an SAP BusinessObjects customer and you’ve implemented analytics, reporting and dashboards to a variety of organisations within your business. However, you’re struggling because you don’t feel that the business is really getting the full value out of the system. More importantly, you see an inherent risk that your key decision makers have not been equipped with the right toolset. This may be for a variety of reasons, ranging from the typical shortcomings of improper tool selection, system availability, system performance, cost of ownership and most importantly the solution’s ability to meet business objectives.


If this sounds like you, perhaps you will like to engage with us in our Xoomworks ReVision service. Talk directly to our Head of Business Intelligence, Nicolas Henry, so we can better understand what your biggest pain points are and how Xoomworks can help. Our seasoned SAP BusinessObjects live and breathe BI. Shouldn’t you?

Contact: Nicolas.Henry@xoomworks.com

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