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We’re Putting the Band Back Together

A little over two years ago Xoomworks made the strategic decision to expand it’s professional services portfolio to the SAP Business Intelligence area. Even during one of the worst economic turmoils in the last several decades, one area of growth has been Business Intelligence. From Gartner in 2008:

BI was the No. 1 technology priority in 2008 in a worldwide survey of 1,500 CIOs by Gartner Executive Programs.

The BI space is now on pace to reach $10.8 billion (2011):

The worldwide market for business intelligence (BI) software is forecast to grow 9.7 percent to reach US$10.8 billion in 2011, according to Gartner’s latest enterprise software forecast.

Having worked in the SAP space for almost 6 years now I’ve come to know how important the BI area is. Many organisations have focused their efforts on BI because the ability to drive cost savings and provide better efficiency

So, how do you start to build a world class organisation around Business Analytics? We started with the obvious: People. Our team started with Nicolas “Thierry” Henry, a former SAP BusinessObjects Integration Guru, who in his previous life at SAP lead several large key accounts in the area of integrating SAP BusinessObjects and SAP NetWeaver BW. This proved to be a key area of effort required for SAP, as it was the first time SAP had bought a company on that scale.

Upon seeing the need to expand the group beyond one person, myself, another former SAP integration (and In-Memory) specialist from SAP, and Marco “Muppet” Draghi (former BusinessObjects employee) were brought on. Marco was a key acquisition for Xoomworks as he has been responsible for administration of some of the largest BusinessObjects infrastructures used in the world. Oh and not to mention he fixed a majority of our internal company infrastructure after a disastrous flood hit our office. With all of the major areas of an integrated SAP BI landscape brought together we were able to create the basis for a world-class organisation.

Since then the team has further grown to include, in particular order, Johann “The Wolf” Kottas (former BusinessObjects employee), Martin “Marty” MacMaster (former BusinessObjects employee), James “JB” Barlow (former BusinessObjects employee), Alex “Pablo” Palley (former BusinessObjects employee), So in many ways the coordination and collaboration of building the team was just another way of saying “We’re Putting the Band Back Together”:

Oh and we’ve built some rockstar consultants from the ground-up: a la Ben Spicer and Simina Sas. So feel free to connect with our team members. Our business is growing fast and the team is expanding quickly.

Think you got what it takes to be a part of this team? Want to work with our world class organisation? Get in contact with us at bi@xoomworks.com.

-Mike “The Hoff” Bestvina

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